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What Is Let's Go Brandon (FJB)?

Let's Go Brandon is a decentralized media platform that promotes freedom of speech and allows users to express their thoughts and ideas openly. The platform is built to give a chance to people who have been silenced and oppressed by the rude exchange of viewpoints across the globe and who feel that their voices will be left unheard. 

According to the website, the open and decentralized nature of the platform allows information to spread worldwide without the need to have a centralized media corporation acting as a medium. On the other hand, the current setting of the media industry allows users to reach audiences of greater magnitude if their point of view does not match with the audiences, their voices are muted by making them delete the ideas they shared, or in extreme cases, flatly banning the users from social media. 

To tackle this concern, Let's Go Brandon is based on blockchain technology that enables users to produce and post permanent data items on the platform that cannot be tarnished or erased by anyone else. Another purpose behind launching the platform is to make charitable donations to war veterans. Whenever the native token of the platform is traded, a transaction fee is generated. 

A transaction fee gets paid when some cryptocurrency tokens are transacted and sent from the buyer's wallet to a seller's wallet. A part of the transaction fee (8%) gets generated toward a charity wallet donated to charities supporting war veterans and first responders. Till now, the platform has raised and donated $60,600 to various charities. 

FJB is the native BEP-20 token of the Let's Go Brandon platform based on the Binance Smart Chain. BEP-20 is a protocol on the Binance Smart Chain that defines the rules of using the token, like how the FJB token will be spent and what kind of token holder can spend the token. 

History of Let's Go Brandon! (FJB)

Let's Go, Brandon! was founded by Grant Tragni and officially launched in October 2021. The platform team also includes names like Stephen Bannon and Boris Epshteyn, both of whom have strategic positions in the company and hold a substantial amount of FJB tokens.

Bannon is an alumnus of Harvard Business School and Georgetown University. He was the CEO of former US President Donald Trump's 2016 presidential campaign and later was the chief strategist and senior counselor at the White House during President Trump's tenure. Before that, Bannon served as a naval officer and a mergers and acquisitions investment banker at Goldman Sachs. 

Epshteyn is an alumnus of Georgetown University and studied in the department of the School of Foreign Service and Georgetown Law. He has multiple career roles, from being a political strategist to an attorney and an investment banker. Epshteyn has done it all. He is the founder of the Georgetown Advisory consulting group. 

During the 2016 presidential campaign of Donald Trump, Boris Epshteyn served as a senior advisor. He subsequently became the special assistant and assistant communications director for surrogate operations at the White House after Trump became president of the United States of America. Furthermore, he was again appointed as a strategic advisor during President Trump's re-election campaign in 2020. 

Other essential personalities who support the cause of the platform include names like political activist and television correspondent Jack Posobiec, columnist Benny Johnson, conservative activist and political commentator Ryan Fournier, consultant and 40th commissioner of the New York Police Department Bernard Kerik, and lastly, political commentator and US Marine Corps Sergeant Jessie Jane Duff. 

The total supply of FJB tokens is 40 billion coins, of which 17.8 billion coins are burnt. The 8% transaction fee set aside for charitable purposes also includes spending on marketing to promote the marketing initiatives of the platform.


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