Coinbase Institute

The mission of the Coinbase Institute is to accelerate rigorous, novel research and bring together the best minds across disciplines to fuel progress on decentralization, web3, and the future of finance.

Latest research

The cryptoeconomy and its underlying innovations move fast. Our north star for the Institute is to publish work that is rigorous and evidence-based.

Degrees of Decentralization in DAOs

Are Decentralized Autonomous Organizations really decentralized? And should they be?

Australia’s Digital Economy

An overview of the opportunities created by Web3 in Australia, in collaboration with RMIT.

Coinbase Institute Monthly Report: August 2022

The August Monthly Report evaluates systemic risk in the crypto ecosystem.

Stablecoins Whitepaper

This whitepaper explains what stablecoins are and how stablecoin arrangements work.

Crypto & Remittances

This primer explains how crypto transfers can disrupt traditional remittance methods.

Pure Momentum in Cryptocurrency Markets

This research publication covers momentum, a widespread asset pricing concept.

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