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Make it easy for users to explore your dapp. Millions choose Coinbase Wallet to use dapps, trade hundreds of thousands of assets, and hold their NFTs.

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Unlock the Coinbase ecosystem

Amplify your reach

Unlock value by opening your dapp to millions of Coinbase users across 85 countries.

Ship it

Connect your dapp to Coinbase Wallet with only a few lines of code. Integrate in minutes.

Multi-chain by default

Works with Solana and all EVM-compatible chains including Avalanche, BNB Chain, Polygon, Optimism, and more.

Primed for every device

One easy integration unlocks Coinbase and Coinbase Wallet, allowing you to reach users of both self-custody and MPC wallets.

Thousands of dapps are building with Coinbase Wallet

A self-custody wallet trusted by Coinbase users worldwide

Users trust the most downloaded wallet in the U.S. to store their digital assets.

  • Support for hundreds of thousands of assets & NFTs

  • Seamless fiat onramp in over 85+ countries

  • Industry-leading security for self-custody

A self-custody wallet trusted by Coinbase users worldwide
A Powerful Native Mobile App Experience

A powerful native mobile app experience

Leverage the Wallet Mobile SDK to level up your web3 mobile app experience. This is the easiest and fastest way to integrate your mobile web3 application with Coinbase.

  • Increased security with end-to-end encryption

  • Improved efficiency through batch processing

  • Designed to be decentralized

Dapp support for multiple chains from Arbitrum to Solana

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The fastest way to integrate Coinbase Wallet

Wallet SDK and documentation make it easy to get started. Explore the technical documentation.

The fastest way to integrate Coinbase Wallet

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Integrate Coinbase Wallet into your dapp by following our documentation.

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