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Seamlessly bring your users onchain

No seed phrases. Full user experience control. Backed by the security of Coinbase.

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Familiar user authentication with the power of being onchain

Simple user onboarding

Allow users to create, access, and restore wallets with a username and password.

Seamless integration

Customize the wallet look and feel in your app to maintain a cohesive UX.

Full user ownership

Empower users with full control over their keys and assets.

Scale with Coinbase

Join Coinbase in bringing the next billion onchain.

Add wallets to your app in a few lines of code

Bringing users onchain is hard. We make it easy. Having a wallet is the first step in enabling users to participate onchain. Use our SDK to invisibly provision a non-custodial wallet for your users, and customize the look and feel to make the UX completely seamless. Coinbase Embedded Wallets can easily be combined with Coinbase Onramp to help users not only create their wallet, but also fund it to get fully ready to engage onchain.

  • Fully customizable: Create a seamless and on-brand UX your users (and designers) will love.

  • Powerful integrations: Give users the power to easily fund their wallets natively with Coinbase Onramp and compatible with Base Node/Paymaster.

  • Easy to get started: Don’t reinvent the wheel. Fork our code to make it easier to get started.

WaaS Overview Module
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Secured by Coinbase and advanced cryptography

Wallets deployed with our APIs use advanced multi-party computation (MPC) to keep user assets safe. This involves securely dividing, encrypting and distributing cryptographic keys among multiple parties for added protection against theft or unauthorized use.

  • More recoverable

  • Fully self-sovereign

  • No single point of failure

Learn more about safeguarding crypto assets.

Built for companies of all sizes

Embedded Wallets documentation and resources make it easy to get started. Reach out to our team to join the waitlist for access.

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Start building on Ethereum today with our Free Plan or get dedicated nodes for 25+ protocols with our Enterprise Plan.

Free$0 / mo

For developers just getting started

  • Instant API access

  • Advanced APIs

  • NFT APIs

  • 120k daily requests

Scale$39 / mo

For dapps ready to grow

  • Instant API access

  • Advanced APIs

  • NFT APIs

  • 300k daily requests

  • Priority email support

EnterpriseContact sales

For teams and organizations

  • Dedicated RPC nodes

  • Multi-cloud/multi-region

  • No rate limits

  • SLA/Dedicated support

  • 25+ supported protocols

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