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Estadísticas de mercado

Capitalización bursátil

410.810,77 US$

Volumen (24 h)


Suministro en circulación

480,7 mil BASE

Máximo histórico

7,29 US$

Cambio de precio (1 h)

+0,13 %

Cambio de precio (24 h)

+0,22 %

Cambio de precio (7 días)

+0,33 %

Acerca de Base Protocol

Base Protocol (BASE) is not affiliated with the Base L2 chain or Coinbase.

What is Base Protocol?

Base Protocol (BASE) is a unique token that aims to mirror the total market cap of all cryptocurrencies at a ratio of 1:1 trillion. This innovative approach enables users to observe the entire crypto industry with a single token. BASE is built on the Ethereum blockchain and integrates a Chainlink oracle. The token's price is designed to be elastic, programmatically expanding or contracting to achieve target price equilibrium. This equilibrium is based on the total market capitalization of all cryptocurrencies, allowing BASE to reflect the overall health and direction of the crypto market.

How does Base Protocol work?

Base Protocol operates on an elastic supply protocol, which programmatically adjusts the token supply to achieve target price equilibrium. This equilibrium is calculated as one trillionth of the total market capitalization of all cryptocurrencies. When the market price of BASE deviates from this equilibrium, the token supply is adjusted through a process called a rebase. If the market price is higher than the equilibrium, an expansion rebase occurs, creating new supply and driving the price down. Conversely, if the market price is lower than the equilibrium, a contraction rebase occurs, reducing the supply and driving the price up. Users may also contribute their BASE tokens to the liquidity pool to receive compensation through the Base Cascader.

What are the potential use cases for Base Protocol?

Base Protocol has a range of potential use cases. It can serve as a one-stop trading instrument, allowing holders to observe the entire crypto industry rather than individual tokens or a select portfolio. This could be particularly useful for newcomers to crypto or institutional users seeking to diversify their involvement. BASE can also be utilized as a borrowable asset for leveraged crypto transactions, acting as a strategic hedging instrument. Additionally, BASE can serve as a stable position between crypto transactions, mitigating the risk of holding a single coin while potentially benefiting from the gains of several others. Finally, BASE can be used as a price reference for any cryptocurrency, providing an alternative to the popular BTC price reference.

What is the history of Base Protocol?

The Base Protocol team has developed an open-source code, which is accessible on the Base GitHub. The team continually updates this repository as new developments are made. The Base Protocol was built on the Ethereum blockchain, integrating a Chainlink oracle, and was launched on a decentralized exchange. The team has also compiled a detailed document outlining the token distribution stages, total supply breakdown, and vesting schedules for all allocations, demonstrating their commitment to transparency and user education.


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Calculadora de Base Protocol

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Base Protocol está al alza esta semana.

El precio de Base Protocol se ha incrementado en un 0,33 % en los últimos 7 días. El precio se ha incrementado en un 0,22 % en las últimas 24 horas. En la última hora, el precio se ha incrementado en un 0,13 %. El precio actual es de 0,85 US$ por BASE. Base Protocol está un 88,27 % por debajo del máximo histórico de 7,29 US$.

El suministro en circulación actual es de 480.679,619BASE.

Preguntas frecuentes

¿Cuál es el precio actual de Base Protocol?

Actualizamos nuestro Base Protocol a USD en tiempo real. Obtén el precio de Base Protocol actual en Coinbase.

¿Cuál es la capitalización de mercado de Base Protocol?

La capitalización de mercado actual de Base Protocol es de410,81 mil US$. Una capitalización de mercado alta implica que el activo está muy valorado dentro del mercado.

¿Cuál es el máximo histórico de Base Protocol?

El máximo histórico de Base Protocol es 7,29 US$. Este valor representa el precio más alto pagado por Base Protocol desde su lanzamiento.

¿Cuál es el volumen de operaciones en 24 horas de Base Protocol?

Durante las últimas 24 horas, el volumen de negociación de Base Protocol ha sido de 0,00 US$.

¿Qué otros activos son similares a Base Protocol?

Entre los activos que tienen una capitalización de mercado similar a Base Protocol se encuentran Traxx, Neblio, Playermon y muchos otros. Para ver una lista completa, consulta nuestros activos con capitalización de mercado comparable.

¿Cuántos Base Protocol hay?

Actualmente, Base Protocol cuenta con un suministro en circulación de 481 mil.

¿Puedo comprar Base Protocol en Coinbase?

Sí, Base Protocol está disponible actualmente en la cartera de Coinbase. Para obtener instrucciones más detalladas, consulta nuestra útil guía Cómo comprar Base Protocol.

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