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Coinbase works with Sui to enable non-custodial staking from Day 1 of mainnet

April 28, 2023

Coinbase works with Sui to enable non-custodial staking from Day 1 of mainnet

Coinbase is working closely with Sui Foundation to enable support for Sui non-custodial staking from the first day of Sui Mainnet launch. With Coinbase, developers can easily integrate SUI staking into their products securely and reliably. 

Coinbase participated in Sui’s Incentivized Testnet and collaborated closely with Sui on protocol design and tokenomics.

The vision for Sui 

Sui aims to deliver high performance, supporting faster transaction speeds, and low network fees for users that don’t spike during increased activity. It also aims to make it easier to work with heavier data loads.

With its unique tech stack and consensus design, Sui is positioned to be a thriving ecosystem of builders and users.

Sui Foundation empowers secure native staking on Sui with Coinbase’s non-custodial validators

Developers such as custodians, fintechs, and wallets looking to offer Sui staking for their end users can rely on Coinbase Cloud’s secure, non-custodial staking infrastructure. Cloud’s staking infrastructure can be integrated with preferred custody solutions, or simply configured to let users hold custody of their tokens. Developers can also benefit from Coinbase’s broader array of developer products or wallet integrations.

Coinbase Cloud’s staking infrastructure is designed to let developers focus on their end product. Coinbase Cloud manages the complexity of running Sui nodes while creating seamless delegation flows for end users. It offers a secure path for companies and dapps to enable their end users to earn secure, reliable rewards directly from the protocol for their efforts. 

Building a more robust onchain ecosystem

We are looking to onboard the next billion users onchain. We know this bold vision cannot be accomplished by a single company or blockchain. We are excited to work with innovative protocols like Sui to create a path forward for a robust ecosystem that will help build towards this vision. 

If you are interested in the non-custodial staking solution from Coinbase Cloud, get in touch with the Cloud team here.

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