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Get rewarded for exploring dapps and networks onchain

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Unlock new web3 knowledge

Unlock new onchain knowledge

  • Get rewarded in tokens or NFTs for participating in onchain activities.

  • Learn onchain basics such as swapping, delegating, minting NFTs, staking, and much more.

  • Explore and master popular dapps and onchain experiences through quests.


Limited while supplies last and amounts offered for each Quest can vary. Value of Quest rewards may vary based on market prices. Quest rewards are funded and distributed by the asset issuer. Users must complete Quest task to receive reward. Users may only complete each Quest once. Quests are not recommendations to buy or sell any asset(s) and you should always do your own research. We reserve the right to cancel any Quest program at any time. Quests availability may vary by country. Check out our getting started guide for more information.