Non-Employee/ Vendor T&E Policy

1. Overview

The following Coinbase Non-Employee Travel Policy (“Policy”) applies to all contractors, consultants, outside legal services, contingent workers and vendors (collectively, “Vendors”) of services to Coinbase Global Inc, and its subsidiaries (“Coinbase”) under purchase orders issued by Coinbase and agreements, engagement letters, statements of work, or other documents executed by Coinbase and Vendors (each a “Purchasing Document”) and seek to have expenses reimbursed by Coinbase.

  • To be eligible for expense reimbursement, all Vendors, including contractors, must enter into a binding Purchasing Document prior to incurring expenses submitted for reimbursement, including any business travel undertaken on behalf of Coinbase. 

  • All travel-related expenses must be approved in writing by the authorized Coinbase representative in advance of travel.

  • The absence of a specific direction or definition in Coinbase policies does not mean that the item is approved as an acceptable practice or an approved expense. If there is a question, Vendor should raise the question to the Coinbase representative.

  • Failure to adhere to this Policy may result in non-reimbursement of expenses .

  • All expenses submitted for reimbursement from Coinbase must be reasonable, incurred while providing Services, pre-approved in writing, and comply with this Policy.

  • In the event of conflict or inconsistency between this Policy and any Purchasing Document, this Policy shall apply unless the Purchasing Document has tighter controls than those outlined in this Policy.

  • No external customer or Vendor policies may supersede Coinbase policies for Coinbase employees, or where Coinbase is paying for the services of non-employees unless specifically agreed in the agreement.

  • Coinbase does not provide insurance of any type for Vendors. This includes health, life, disability or any other form of insurance, unless otherwise specifically agreed in the agreement.

  • Coinbase employees should not  pay for Vendor expenses and seek reimbursement.

  • Vendor is responsible for adhering to the most current Global Non-Employee Travel & Expense Policy. Coinbase reserves the right to change the Policy at any time, with or without notice.

  • Access to Coinbase internal Travel & Expense Policy will not be provided to Vendors.

2. Statement

a ) Roles & Responsibilities

Vendors T&E - Roles & Responsibilities

b) Travel and Expense Guidelines and Process

1) Travel Guidelines

Travel Guidelines

2) Expense Reimbursement Guidelines

  • Non-complying expenses will be deducted from the expense reimbursement and associated invoice.

  • Coinbase does not issue travel or cash advances for travel expenses.

  • All Supplier expense reports must be submitted within thirty (30) days of the incurred expense, approved as aforementioned, and are subject to Coinbase audit approval.

  • All expenses greater than $25.00 must be supported by itemized receipts upon Coinbase’s request.

  • Coinbase will not reimburse for “per diem” or other type fixed daily expenses.

3) Allowable and Unallowable Transactions

Allowable & Unallowable Transactions