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Send Bitcoin via SMS

Works with any phone or network, enabling bitcoin for everyone.

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How Does It Work?

Connect Your Phone

It takes only couple of minutes to sign up and enable SMS on your account.

Send SMS

Send a text message to +1 (650) 316-5555 to view balance and to buy, sell, send or receive bitcoin.

Verify Your Action

Complete your transactions with a secure personal PIN-code.

9 Commands To Use Coinbase Via SMS

balance (b or bal) your bitcoin balance qr (q) a QR code image link for your bitcoin address price (p) current Coinbase buy/sell price
transactions (t or txns) your last 3 transactions request (r or req) request bitcoins from an email or a phone number buy buy bitcoins and debit your primary bank account
address (a or addr) your bitcoin address for receiving bitcoins send (s) send bitcoins to an email, a bitcoin address, or a phone number sell sell bitcoins and credit your primary bank account