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Pete Sessions

Pete Sessions (R)

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Rep. Pete Sessions has 15 statement(s) about crypto.

"Financial Freedom is American Freedom and Bitcoin is a derivative of that Civil Right #Bitcoin"

@PeteSessions July 19, 2022 on Twitter

"#Bitcoin is digital gold"

@PeteSessions March 30, 2022 on Twitter

"Excited for the future of cryptocurrency 🇺🇸"

@PeteSessions December 8, 2021 on Twitter

"We need to get out of the way of the innovators and let #bitcoin flourish."

@PeteSessions March 23, 2022 on Twitter

"#Bitcoin is aligned with American values and will strengthen the dollar."

@PeteSessions March 18, 2022 on Twitter

"@LayahHeilpern and I discussed Bitcoin's ability to help control your financial destiny as the US govt continues to print more money and causes inflation. We also discussed the mass exodus from liberal states to conservative states like Texas."

@PeteSessions April 21, 2022 on Twitter

"Inflation is taxation on every American. CPI rose 7.9% through February—the fastest pace of annual inflation in 40 years. Bitcoin is trending to be a more resilient alternative option to hedge against fiat-currency inflation."

@PeteSessions March 5, 2022 on Twitter

"Greatly looking forward to attending the Empower Mining Conference and having thoughtful discussion with these industry leaders. #bitcoin is making significant strides and I’m excited for what the future holds."

@PeteSessions March 23, 2022 on Twitter

"Furthermore, there are breakthrough technologies that can provide critical energy storage solutions which can be utilized in real-time during power outages creating virtual power plants leading to a more robust and resilient U.S. national grid system than we have today. #Bitcoin"

@PeteSessions June 21, 2022 on Twitter

"I am in favor of cryptocurrency. I see ingenuity, entrepreneurial spirit, and potential in the crypto industry. We, as Congress, need to be supportive of future technological capabilities and help institute an environment in which innovation flourishes. @FinancialCmte"

@PeteSessions December 8, 2021 on Twitter

"Texas will be the #Bitcoin Capital."

@PeteSessions March 18, 2022 on Twitter

"China loves CBDCs because they give the CCP control. The USA loves #Bitcoin because it will give Americans freedom."

@PeteSessions March 28, 2022 on Twitter

"The dollar and #Bitcoin will thrive together."

@PeteSessions April 5, 2022 on Twitter

"#Bitcoin Mining will play a critical role in rebuilding energy independence in the USA"

@PeteSessions March 21, 2022 on Twitter

"As you know, a substantial portion of digital asset miners’ energy use is based on renewable sources. Additionally, many miners use other power sources, like natural gas, that may otherwise go unused. JAI Energy in Wyoming is an example of a company that is working with oil and gas producers to make a positive environmental impact through bitcoin mining. Bitcoin mining that utilizes flared gas is also reducing methane emissions in Texas, New Mexico, Colorado, West Virginia, Ohio, and North Dakota. This private sector-led breakthrough is an important tool to a lower emission future. Finally, digital asset mining can have a substantial stabilizing effect on energy grids. It maintains robust baseload levels, yet it can be switched off quickly in times of peak demand. Most importantly, digital assets, and their related mining activities, are essential to the economic future of the United States. Other countries are rapidly moving to adopt digital assets and are attracting large amounts of capital and talent in the hopes of growing their own financial services sectors as digital assets and distributed ledger technology are widely adopted in the coming decade. The United States, as the global financial services leader, cannot rest on its laurels. We must focus on promoting responsible innovation so that our country can compete in a hypercompetitive, globalized economic system. Treasury Secretary Yellen articulated it best last week when she stated regulation should also be “tech neutral.” Favoring one technology over another, including proof-of-work versus proof-of-stake, can stifle innovation, erode future economic gains, and limit affiliated efficiencies. Digital assets are an essential component of promoting financial inclusion and have created new wealth building opportunities for Americans. American leadership in digital asset technologies is essential to ensuring the next generation of Americans can enjoy the prosperity and opportunity that our country has been blessed with. As you evaluate the potential environmental issues surrounding digital assets, the critical role that responsible innovation will play in our long-term economic future cannot be overlooked."

Representative Pete Sessions & Colleagues Letter to Michael Regan, Administrator of United States Environmental Protection Agency June 16, 2022

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