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Glenn "GT" Thompson

Glenn "GT" Thompson (R)

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Crypto bill sponsorship

Rep. Glenn "GT" Thompson has put out 3 crypto bills.

Digital Commodity Exchange Act of 2022

H.R. 7614

117th Congress

Bill pending

This bill allows for the regulation and registration of digital commodity exchanges subject to oversight by the Commodity Futures Trading Commission. The bill establishes the conditions for the sale of digital commodities, the registration of exchanges, and sets forth other requirements.

Eliminate Barriers to Innovation Act

H.R. 1602

117th Congress

Bill pending

This bill requires the Securities and Exchange Commission and the Commodity Futures Trading Commission to jointly establish a working group on digital assets. The working group must (1) report on the impact of the U.S. legal and regulatory framework on the digital asset market; and (2) provide recommendations regarding digital asset market fairness and integrity, cybersecurity standards, and the reduction of fraud and manipulation.

Securities Clarity Act

H.R. 4451

117th Congress

Bill pending

This bill excludes an investment contract asset as being considered a security, including for disclosure and registration purposes. An investment contract asset as defined by the bill is a tangible or intangible asset sold pursuant to an investment contract that is not otherwise considered a security.

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