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Ron Wyden

Ron Wyden (D)

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Sen. Ron Wyden has 4 statement(s) about crypto.

"My bipartisan amendment with @SenLummis and @SenToomey will ensure Americans pay the taxes they owe on cryptocurrency while also fostering innovation here at home. Our amendment offers a real, commonsense solution to this very real problem."

@RonWyden August 5, 2021 on Twitter

"We’ve been working hard to get a deal. I don’t believe the cryptocurrency amendment language on offer is good enough to protect privacy and security, but it’s certainly better than the underlying bill. Majority Leader Schumer says he won’t block a unanimous consent request on it."

@RonWyden August 9, 2021 on Twitter

"Americans avoiding paying the taxes they owe through cryptocurrency is a real problem that deserves a real solution. The Republican provision in the bipartisan infrastructure framework isn’t close to being that solution. It’s an attempt to apply brick and mortar rules to the internet and fails to understand how the technology works."

@RonWyden August 1, 2021 on Twitter

"The Warner-Portman-Sinema amendment provides a government-sanctioned safe harbor for the most climate-damaging form of crypto tech, called proof-of-work. It would be a mistake for the climate and for innovation to advance this amendment."

@RonWyden August 5, 2021 on Twitter

Crypto bill sponsorship

Sen. Ron Wyden has put out 1 crypto bill.

To revise the rules of construction applicable to information reporting requirements imposed on brokers with respect to digital assets, and for other purposes.

S. 3249

117th Congress

Bill pending

This bill excludes certain persons from being considered a broker for tax reporting purposes. Under current law, the transfer of digital assets from a broker to a nonbroker requires the broker to file a return beginning on January 1, 2024. The bill provides that a broker does not include any person solely engaged in the business of (1) validating distributed ledger transactions, (2) selling hardware or software for which the sole function is to permit access to digital assets on a distributed ledger, or (3) developing digital assets or protocols for use by other persons who are not customers.

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