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Rob Portman

Rob Portman (R)

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Notable statements

Sen. Rob Portman has 3 statement(s) about crypto.

"Appreciate the Treasury Department affirming that crypto miners, stakers and those who sell hardware and software for wallets are not subject to tax reporting obligations. As I have said from the start, this requirement only applies to brokers."

@senrobportman February 11, 2022 on Twitter

"I agree with Senators Wyden, Toomey, Lummis that we can do more to clarify the intent of the cryptocurrency provision & the Senate should vote on their amendment."

@senrobportman August 5, 2021 on Twitter

"Digital assets like bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are a rapidly growing part of our economy. The underlying distributed ledger and blockchain technology has many applications, and Congress should prioritize policies that fuel innovation & growth in the crypto space. The infrastructure bill includes a provision that helps accomplish that goal. It standardizes information reporting by crypto-brokers to the IRS for tax purposes – the same way it’s done for stock trades. This will make it easier for folks to determine & pay their tax bill. The legislation does not impose new reporting requirements on software developers, crypto miners, node operators or other non-brokers. It simply says that brokers must comply with standard information reporting obligations. Which many already do! This common-sense provision will provide clarity and legitimacy for the industry, make life easier for everyday Americans, and help ensure that the US remains a global leader in crypto innovation and development."

@senrobportman August 3, 2021 on Twitter

Crypto bill sponsorship

Sen. Rob Portman has put out 2 crypto bills.

United States Innovation and Competition Act of 2021

S. 1260

117th Congress

Bill pending

This bill addresses U.S. technology and communications, foreign relations and national security, domestic manufacturing, education, trade, and other matters.

Among other provisions, the bill

  • provides funding for FY2022-FY2026 to support U.S. semiconductor manufacturing, research and development, and supply chain security;

  • provides funding for wireless supply chain innovation;

  • establishes a Directorate for Technology and Innovation in the National Science Foundation;

  • extends through 2025 the authority of the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) to lease its non-excess real property and related personal property;

  • authorizes various programs and policies related to space exploration;

  • authorizes various international affairs programs and activities, including foreign assistance for the Indo-Pacific region;

  • requires federal infrastructure programs to provide for the use of materials produced in the United States;

  • imposes sanctions on China for cybersecurity and human rights abuses;

  • requires the Department of Health and Human Services to consider national security risks associated with sensitive genetic information;

  • includes initiatives related to elementary and secondary education, including those to increase computer science education;

  • contains provisions related to higher education, including those reauthorizing through FY2027 international education programs and addressing China's influence on institutions of higher education;

  • modifies and expands the schedule for graduated merger filing fees;

  • prohibits federal funding for the Wuhan Institute of Virology;

  • requires the U.S. Trade Representative to take certain actions related to digital trade and censorship practices; and

  • extends through 2027 the Generalized System of Preferences.

To Revise the Definition of a Broker for Purposes of Certain Reporting Requirements with Respect to Digital Asset Transfers under the Internal Revenue Code of 1986, and for Other Purposes

S. 4751

117th Congress

Bill pending

A summary is in progress.

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