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Gregory Meeks

Gregory Meeks (D)

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Crypto bill sponsorship

Rep. Gregory Meeks has put out 2 crypto bills.

To require congressional notification prior to payments of Department of State rewards using cryptocurrencies, and for other purposes

H.R. 7338

117th Congress

Bill pending

This bill requires the Department of State to appoint a Director of Digital Currency Security and take other actions related to digital currencies.

The director shall be a part of the State Department's Office of Economic Sanctions Policy and Implementation and shall be responsible for issues related to digital currencies and U.S. sanctions, including assisting in the development of sanctions policies that are resilient to digital currency use by malevolent actors.

The bill also requires the State Department to notify Congress before making a reward in cryptocurrency under an existing program that authorizes rewards for information leading to the arrest or conviction of parties responsible for certain criminal acts. (Current law allows such rewards to consist of money, nonmonetary items, or both.)

The State Department must report to Congress on any cryptocurrency payments made under the rewards program, including any justification for using cryptocurrency for such rewards.

The bill also requires the State Department to report to Congress on (1) the possible uses of cryptocurrencies or other blockchain-related technologies to provide aid to Ukraine, and (2) an assessment of how digital currencies can affect the effectiveness and enforcement of U.S. sanctions relating to Russia's invasion of Ukraine. (Blockchain is a digital ledger technology that allows for transactions without a trusted intermediary, such as a bank.)


H.R. 3524

117th Congress

Bill pending

This bill addresses various foreign relations issues, with a focus on China.

Among other things, the bill

  • authorizes the Department of State to establish a program to help U.S. companies address supply chain issues related to China, including by relocating production from China;

  • authorizes the President to establish a program to expand internet access and digital infrastructure in emerging markets;

  • establishes an interagency working group to enhance U.S. leadership in international bodies that set standards for telecommunications technologies;

  • authorizes the U.S. International Development Finance Corporation to provide financing to entities in less developed countries to increase vaccine manufacturing capacity;

  • authorizes U.S. Agency for Global Media activities to support activities in foreign countries to build independent media, combat censorship, and invest in anti-censorship technology;

  • requires the State Department to develop and implement a plan for increasing the U.S. presence in the Indo-Pacific region;

  • requires a strategy on engagement with countries in South and Central Asia on issues relating to China;

  • authorizes military training assistance activities in Latin America and the Caribbean;

  • establishes an interagency working group to counter Chinese cyber aggression in Africa;

  • establishes the position of Ambassador at Large for Arctic Affairs;

  • requires the development and implementation of a strategy to improve critical infrastructure in the Pacific Islands, with an emphasis on climate resiliency;

  • authorizes activities to promote democracy in Hong Kong; and

  • makes permanent the Global Magnitsky Human Rights Accountability Act, which authorizes the President to impose sanctions for human rights violations.

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