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Ritchie Torres

Ritchie Torres (D)

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Notable statements

Rep. Ritchie Torres has 4 statement(s) about crypto.

"Immigrants often pay predatory fees to send remittances to loved ones abroad. #Crypto has the potential to create a better, cheaper, faster payment system. My mission is to make the crypto revolution work for the lowest-income Americans. @FSCDems hearing Q&A 👇🏾"

@RepRitchie December 14, 2021 on Twitter

“The power of crypto should and must be harnessed to create an alternate economy where individual innovators are no longer at the mercy of corporate rent-seekers. My thoughts on the future of #cryptocurrency in @NYDailyNews oped"

@RepRitchie March 17, 2022 on Twitter

"#Crypto presents government with the challenge of enforcing the law in a world of decentralization. How do you enforce the law when there is no central entity against which to enforce the law? See the response from recent @FSCDems hearing on crypto 👇🏾"

@RepRitchie December 14, 2021 on Twitter

"Far from displacing the dollar, #Stablecoin has the potential to reinvigorate the U.S. dollar as the world’s reserve currency. The relationship between old money and new money could prove to be mutually beneficial. Recent @FSCDems #Crypto hearing 👇🏾"

@RepRitchie December 14, 2021 on Twitter

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