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Emanuel Cleaver

Emanuel Cleaver (D)

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Notable statements

Rep. Emanuel Cleaver has 10 statement(s) about crypto.

"Cryptocurrency has the opportunity to play a major role in finance, however, too often these currencies are being used to fund hate groups and terror organizations."

@repcleaver February 20, 2018 on Twitter

"Enough is enough. If the #cryptocurrency industry refuses or is incapable of protecting against Russian attacks on our democracy, then Congress has no other choice. We must ACT to prevent the use of #crypto in threatening our national security."

@repcleaver July 16, 2018 on Twitter

"The stunning revelation that Russian intelligence officials used #cryptocurrency to conceal their attacks on our democracy in 2016 means it's time for Congress to study ways in which we can responsibly regulate this new form of currency."

@repcleaver July 15, 2018 on Twitter

"Following Mueller’s indictment of 12 Russian agents, it was found Russians were using #Bitcoin to fund illicit activities. I sent a letter to Treasury Dept.’s Financial Crimes Enforcement Network to find what was being done to limit this behavior. #fintech FinCEN's major concern was a lack of oversight and consistent regulation of virtual currency, especially within the international community. As #cryptocurrency continues to grow, it is critical that we update current safeguards at home and abroad. #fintech I look forward to working with @USTreasury to improve the government’s ability to identify and halt suspicious #cryptocurrency flows, actors, & methods on a global scale. It is my hope that responsible actors in the international community will assist in this endeavor. #fintech"

@repcleaver July 15, 2018 on Twitter

"I’ve been warning of the potential dangers of @Bitcoin being used by nefarious actors. Now, we know Russia used #cryptocurrency to fund their meddling campaign in 2016. The #crypto industry needs to step their game up. @blockchain @BTCFoundation @DigitalChamber"

@repcleaver July 13, 2018 on Twitter

"#Cryptocurrency has a chance to play an influential role in finance as technology evolves, however, we must work to prevent this technology from being used to fund groups that wage campaigns of hate, abuse, and/or violence. #Bitcoin #fintech"

@repcleaver February 8, 2018 on Twitter

"The time to study the potential pitfalls of the #cryptocurrency industry is long overdue. That’s why I sent a letter to the @USTreasury Financial Crimes Enforcement Network asking them to immediately investigate #crypto"

@repcleaver July 8, 2018 on Twitter

"#Cryptocurrency can be a force for good, but we have to make sure it is not exploited by bad actors. This is why I called on @ChamberDigital and @BTCFoundation to put forth a set of standards for #Crypto"

@repcleaver March 23, 2018 on Twitter

"Neo-Nazis continue to use Bitcoin & #crypto to fund their violent/racist campaigns. Following last year's violence in Charlottesville, I called on @DigitalChamber & @BTCFoundation to ban these extremists and I recently called on the @FTC to investigate the #crypto industry."

@repcleaver August 8, 2018 on Twitter

"Today I participated in the House Financial Services Committee’s hearing about the opportunities and challenges of financial technology. #fintech Whether they know it or not. #fintech affects many Americans. It has the opportunity to expand the playing field for small businesses across the country, but we must look forward to problems that may emerge. While I have some concerns about the #fintech industry, I do believe it has the opportunity to be a force of good in our nation, but only if we get ahead of the curve and safeguard against potential racial, gender, or income biases. #algorithms Other countries are already working to implement these protections. South Korea, for example, has already issued rules on cryptocurrency. If we are not smart, we are going to end up seeing other countries pass us in this arena #fintech #cryptocurreny Whether you're a believer in #fintech or not, we cannot hold back the waves of progress. They're coming & we need to be ready to deal with them. I hope both sides of the aisle can work together to implement common sense rules to ensure #fintech works equally for all Americans."

@repcleaver January 30, 2018 on Twitter

Crypto bill sponsorship

Rep. Emanuel Cleaver has put out 1 crypto bill.

Russian Digital Asset Sanctions Compliance Act of 2022

H.R. 7429

117th Congress

Bill pending

This bill allows additional sanctions against Russia and creates specified reporting requirements regarding digital assets.

Specifically, the President must periodically identify foreign persons who facilitate evasion of Russian sanctions using digital assets. The bill authorizes sanctions against such persons.

The bill requires a U.S. taxpayer engaged in offshore digital asset transactions greater than $10,000 to file an annual Report of Foreign Bank and Financial Accounts with the Financial Crimes Enforcement Network.

The bill allows the Department of the Treasury to prohibit U.S. digital asset trading platforms and transaction facilitators from transacting with Russian digital asset addresses. Additionally, Treasury must report on its progress in implementing the bill and must annually identify foreign digital asset trading platforms that are a high risk for sanctions evasion, money laundering, and other illicit activities.

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