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Crypto bill sponsorship

Sen. Chuck Grassley has put out 3 crypto bills.

Hizballah in Latin America Accountability Act of 2021

S. 1651

117th Congress

Bill failed

This bill establishes requirements related to activities of Hizballah in Latin America and the Caribbean.

Specifically, the President must impose property- and visa-blocking sanctions on foreign persons determined to have knowingly engaged in significant transactions with, or provided material support to, Hizballah in a Latin American or Caribbean country.

The Department of the Treasury, in consultation with the Department of State, must report on illicit activities of Hizballah in Latin America and the Caribbean. This report must include (1) an estimate of how much of Hizbollah's budget derives from such activities, (2) an assessment of interagency efforts and progress in countering such activities, and (3) an identification of financial institutions in Latin America and the Caribbean known to be operating on behalf of or with ties to Hizballah.

The Department of Homeland Security must seek to improve (1) data sharing among trade transparency units with respect to operations against malign actors among Latin American and Caribbean countries, and (2) cooperation with federal agencies with respect to trade transparency units.

A Bill to Require a Study on the National Security Implications of the People's Republic of China's Efforts to Create an Official Digital Currency

S. 2543

117th Congress

Bill failed

This bill requires the President to report to Congress on the national security risks associated with any plans by China's government to create an official digital currency.

A Bill to Amend the Federal Reserve Act to Prohibit the Federal Reserve Banks from Offering Certain Products or Services Directly to an Individual, and for Other Purposes

S. 3954

117th Congress

Bill failed

This bill prohibits a Federal Reserve bank from offering products or services directly to an individual, maintaining an account on behalf of an individual, or issuing a central bank digital currency directly to an individual.

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