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Mariannette Miller-Meek

Mariannette Miller-Meek (R)

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Rep. Mariannette Miller-Meek has 1 statement(s) about crypto.

"POTUS & Dems spending binge, far-left policies, emboldening Russia & China (who is developing cryptocurrency) contribute to economic crises, border crises, Middle East crises and weak dollar crises. Think inflation now? What happens when if US no longer reserve currency?"

@millermeeks June 7, 2021 on Twitter

Crypto bill sponsorship

Rep. Mariannette Miller-Meek has put out 1 crypto bill.

21st Century Dollar Act

H.R. 3506

117th Congress

Bill pending

This bill requires the Department of the Treasury to establish a strategy to facilitate the position of the dollar as the primary global reserve currency.

Treasury must submit a report that includes (1) steps taken to implement this strategy, legislative recommendations, and efforts by major foreign central banks to create an official digital currency; and (2) an evaluation of the role of the renminbi (the official currency of China) in international payments and foreign exchange reserves.

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