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Randy Feenstra

Randy Feenstra (R)

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Rep. Randy Feenstra has 2 statement(s) about crypto.

"Kicked off today’s #39CountyTour touring a cryptocurrency mining facility in Grundy County. We talked about innovative ways to power these facilities and the need to keep bad actors out of cryptocurrency networks. #IA04"

@RepFeenstra August 10, 2022 on Twitter

"W/ this digital currency, China's attempting to: ❌Challenge the dollar, undermining the US ❌Keep a closer eye on their citizens ❌Upend the global financial system It'll also make it harder for the US & allies to impose economic sanctions on bad actors This is the latest example of the Chinese Communist Party attempting to assert itself globally. Their actions are taking a shot at our global financial system. The U.S. must take a serious look at cryptocurrency as we turn to the future of monetary policy. #IA04"

@RepFeenstra April 20, 2021 on Twitter

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