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Marjorie Taylor Greene

Marjorie Taylor Greene (R)

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Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene has 2 statement(s) about crypto.

"As Trudeau has gone full dictator in Canada and stealing Canadian’s Crypto wallets, Democrats and Big Banks are lining up to take their cut of #Crypto and #blockchain. Joe “the big guy” Biden always gets his cut. Protect Crypto currency owner’s rights."

@RepMTG February 17, 2022 on Twitter

"1. This is extremely dangerous for the dollar right as Democrats consider revoking Russia’s MFN status, which will drive Russia even more to China’s Yuan. And war sanctions are going to hurt people of many countries by driving inflation and food shortages. But won’t stop Putin. 2. Biden has failed miserably in handling the #RussiaUkraine war. His weak leadership is going to end up with a devalued dollar and two world competing currencies (Dollar vs Yuan), America last energy policies that will leave us in the dark, and a devastated economy. 3. Even more concerning is Biden and the Democrats goal of moving to a digital dollar once they soon over-regulate Crypto currency, which is coming. I am strongly opposed to this. 4. First it was nonstop panic driving news about covid and now it’s nonstop panic driving news about war in Ukraine. It’s all being used to pressure our weak leaders into MORE unnecessary spending and bad decisions that all lead to disastrous America last consequences. 5. Our country’s leaders need to grow courage and put Americans first in every way before it’s too late and we are all suffering awful unintended (maybe intended) consequences. A worthless dollar, world war, and a new world order. #AmericaLast"

@RepMTG March 15, 2022 on Twitter

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