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Tom Carper

Tom Carper (D)

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Notable statements

Sen. Tom Carper has 8 statement(s) about crypto.

"Todays @SenateHSGAC hearing on #virtualcurrency/#bitcoin taught me a lot. Excited to learn how govt can help this new #tech grow responsibly"

@SenatorCarper November 18, 2013 on Twitter

"Silk Road 2.0 proves #tech is constantly moving We need strategies to protect public w/o stifling innovation #bitcoin"

@SenatorCarper November 6, 2013 on Twitter

"What can you buy with #Bitcoin? Interestingly now, cars"

@SenatorCarper December 6, 2013 on Twitter

"Confused about #Bitcoin? So was I. Here’s a great article that clears up a lot of common questions:"

@SenatorCarper November 20, 2013 on Twitter

"@overstock to begin accepting #bitcoin in the wake of @SenateHSGAC hearing. Big step for #virtualcurrencies!"

@SenatorCarper January 10, 2014 on Twitter

"Reports of wrongdoing @MTGox remind that #Bitcoin is in its infancy. I am reviewing the situation to determine what we can learn from this"

@SenatorCarper February 25, 2014 on Twitter

"The @SacramentoKings think #Bitcoin is a slam dunk, with goal to accept it for all transactions by March 1!"

@SenatorCarper January 16, 2014 on Twitter

"After raising funds with #bitcoin, I'm happy the Jamaican bobsled team finally got their gear in #Sochi"

@SenatorCarper February 6, 2014 on Twitter

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