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Doris Matsui

Doris Matsui (D)

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Rep. Doris Matsui has 1 statement(s) about crypto.

"As our digital economy continues to increase in sophistication and complexity, we must harness these innovations by developing processes to deploy them effectively across all sectors of our economy. Blockchain technology has the capacity to increase security, transparency, and efficiency in managing everything from next generation broadband networks to supply chains and by confirming a common definition, we can leverage these technologies to promote innovation at home and abroad. The Blockchain Promotion Act gathers a broad group of experts and stakeholders from across the industry and federal government to provide recommendations and build us an essential roadmap forward. I look forward to working with Congressman Guthrie, Senator Markey and Senator Young on this effort and look forward to ensuring that we maintain the pace of rapidly advancing technologies."

Representative Doris Matsui Press Release May 28, 2021

Crypto bill sponsorship

Rep. Doris Matsui has put out 1 crypto bill.

Blockchain Promotion Act of 2021

H.R. 3612

117th Congress

Bill pending

This bill directs the Department of Commerce to establish the Blockchain Working Group to submit a report to Congress that contains a recommended definition of the distributed ledger technology commonly referred to as blockchain technology and other specified recommendations regarding this technology.

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