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Bitcoin Name Service (BNS) explained: a guide to .BTC domains

Bitcoin Name Service (BNS) explained: a guide to .BTC domains
  • Bitcoin Name Service (BNS) is a decentralized naming database that provides human-readable .btc domain names for Bitcoin Web3 users.

  • BNS operates on the Bitcoin blockchain and is secured by Stacks, aiming to provide a user-friendly interface for managing and looking up domain names.

  • .BTC domains are stored on the Bitcoin network as an NFT.

What is Bitcoin Name Service (BNS)?

Bitcoin Name Service (BNS) is a decentralized naming database that operates on the Bitcoin blockchain.

BNS shares a similar purpose to the Web2 Domain Name System (DNS), providing an interface to acquire, register, manage, and look up domain names.

However, unlike DNS, which depends on centralized servers, BNS operates on peer-to-peer server systems, providing a solution that aims to be resistant to censorship.

How do .BTC domains work?

A .BTC domain is a specific type of blockchain name that is registered and stored on the Bitcoin network as a Non-Fungible Token (NFT). These domains are held on the BNS and registered through a smart contract on Stacks. They utilize Bitcoin’s security features to create a decentralized name registry.

Every .BTC name's ownership is documented on the Bitcoin blockchain as a hash. Each domain and subdomain on BNS has Decentralized Identifiers (DIDs) that provide an eternal identifier for public keys and are compatible with other systems that use DIDs.

Why should you consider a .BTC domain?

.BTC domains aim to provide unique Web3 identities, striving to make it easier to complete transactions without errors. They aim to provide a more accessible and less intimidating alternative to traditional alphanumeric wallet addresses, potentially lowering the barrier of entry for newcomers to the Bitcoin Web3 space.

By using a .BTC domain, you can indicate your active participation in the Bitcoin ecosystem, whether you're a trader, a developer, or simply a fan. It's a way to indicate your participation in the Bitcoin ecosystem.

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