How to revoke dapp connections on Coinbase Wallet

A quick guide to disconnecting existing connections

Wallet dapp connections

When accessing a decentralized application for the first time on Coinbase Wallet, you will be prompted to approve a dapp connection. Approving a dapp connection means that you are authorizing the decentralized application to view your wallet’s token balance and transaction history. It also allows the decentralized application to send transaction requests to your Coinbase Wallet. These permissions are required to access a decentralized application’s services, such as trading on a decentralized exchange.

How does a dapp connection work?

Let’s use token swapping as an example of how dapp connections let you access the services of decentralized applications. A decentralized exchange must have permission to view your current balance in order to display tokens available to trade on the platform. It also allows the decentralized application to alert you if you lack sufficient tokens to cover gas fees related to your token swap. Furthermore, the dapp connection allows the decentralized exchange to initiate the transaction when you decide to swap tokens. Finally, dapp connections allow the decentralized exchange to display your trade history details. 

One important distinction is the difference between revoking dapp connections and revoking contracts that have been authorized to access your assets. A third-party website,, allows users to revoke contract authorizations. Check out the FAQ page for more information. 

How to Disconnect an Existing Dapp Connections

The process to disconnecting dapp connections using the browser extension is simple:

  1. Navigate to Wallet’s Settings: Using the browser extension, select the Settings icon.

  2. Review Dapp Connections: Select ‘Dapp Connections’ to open the list of dapps that have been authorized to connect to your Wallet.

  3. Disconnect Dapp Connection: In order to disconnect a specific dapp connection, select the Disconnect icon to the right of the dapp’s name. Furthermore, you are able to disconnect all existing dapp connections by selecting ‘Disconnect All’ at the bottom of the dapp list.