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238.0万 RAI















Rai Reflex Indexは今週上昇しています。

Rai Reflex Indexの価格は過去7日間で1.49%上昇しました。 過去24時間で価格が0.65%下落しました。 直近のわずか1時間で価格が0.00%上昇しました。 現在の価格は1RAI当たり$2.74です。 Rai Reflex Indexは過去最高値の$4.19を34.61%下回っています。




What Is Rai Reflex Index (RAI)?

Rai Reflex Index (RAI) is the first stablecoin on the Reflexer platform that is a fork of Maker. RAI is a non-pegged, stable asset that is solely collateralized by ETH. RAI aims to reduce ETH’s price moves and provide a more “stable” alternative to Ether as DeFi collateral. Reflexer is a platform where users can use their crypto collateral to issue reflex indexes (non-pegged stable assets).

Reflexer aims to build a governance-minimized and non-pegged stable asset community that is completely detached from traditional currency. Hence, Reflexer has developed the GEB protocol, a smart contract framework that facilitates the creation of stable assets through autonomous stabilization by a PID controller. The PID (proportional integral derivative) controller is a class of controllers that influences the future values of a time series. A PID controller adapts continuously even when no predictions are available. The term P is a way of referring to the immediate measurement, while the term I refers to the past. The D term refers to the expected changes in the future. The RAI platform aims to use the PID controller to maintain market price stability.

RAI's monetary policy is managed by an on-chain, autonomous controller that offers the advantage of flexibility. Due to the flexibility, RAI can be devalued or revalued by the protocol in response to changes in RAI's market price. This process transfers value between RAI holders and SAFE token users. SAFE token users generate RAI with their ETH, and RAI holders hold, speculate on, or use RAI in other protocols and apps. This transfer rewards both parties to bring back the market price to a target chosen by the protocol. 

For RAI, Reflexer aims to have the following use cases:

  1. Portfolio diversification: The RAI blockchain aims to offer dampened exposure to ETH's price moves.

  2. Source of yield: Traders can earn yield when RAI's market price follows the redemption price (the price that the protocol wants RAI to have on the secondary market).

  3. DeFi collateral: RAI aims to be used as alternative collateral or ETH supplement in DeFi protocols due to the fact that it gives users more time to react to market shifts and dampens Ether’s price moves.

  4. DAO reserve asset: DAOs can keep RAI on their balance sheet and get exposure to ETH without being affected by the full market swings. 

Reflexer has an ungovernance token, FLX, and has decentralized security incentives through FLX. Through the principle of ungovernance, the platform aims to remove human control from the RAI system and make it socially scalable.  

History of Rai Reflex Index (RAI)

Reflexer Labs are the creators of RAI. The Reflexer Labs team includes Ameen Soleimani and Stefan Ionescu. Ameen Soleimani is the cofounder of SpankChain, an Ethereum-based micropayment processor, and Stefan Ionescu worked previously at Binance X in research and development.

How to Buy Rai Reflex Index (RAI) Token

The RAI token can be traded at an exchange, including Coinbase. It’s easy, secure, and safe. 







Coinbase上の全銘柄のうち、時価総額で見てRai Reflex Indexに最も近いのはこの12銘柄です。

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Rai Reflex Indexの現在の価格は?

Rai Reflex IndexをUSD建てにリアルタイムで更新しています。CoinbaseでRai Reflex Indexのライブ価格を取得しましょう。

Rai Reflex Indexの時価総額は?

Rai Reflex Indexの現在の時価総額は$652.21万となっています。時価総額の大きい銘柄は、市場で高い評価を受けていることを意味します。

Rai Reflex Indexの過去最高値は?

Rai Reflex Indexの過去最高値は$4.19となっています。この過去最高値とは、Rai Reflex Indexのローンチ以来で最も高い価格のことを指しています。

Rai Reflex Indexの24時間の取引量は?

Rai Reflex Indexの過去24時間の取引量は$13.09万となっています。

Rai Reflex Indexに似た銘柄には他に何がありますか?

Rai Reflex Indexと同等の時価総額を持つ銘柄として、Receive Access Ecosystem, TOKPIE, Verseなどが挙げられます。一覧については、銘柄の時価総額比較をご覧ください。

Rai Reflex Indexの流通量はどの程度ありますか?

Rai Reflex Indexの現在の流通供給量は238万となっています。

Rai Reflex Indexの一般的な保有期間は?

Coinbaseのお客様がRai Reflex Indexを売却、あるいは他の口座やアドレスに送信するまでの保有期間の中央値は7日とされています。

他の銘柄と比べたRai Reflex Indexの人気度は?

Rai Reflex IndexはCoinbaseで取引可能な銘柄中235位に順位付けされています。人気度は現時点における相対的な時価総額に基づいたものです。

CoinbaseでRai Reflex Indexを購入できますか?

はい。Rai Reflex Indexは現在、Coinbaseの中央集権型販売所で取り扱っています。詳細な手順については、「Rai Reflex Indexの購入方法」ガイドをご覧ください。