Coinbase WalletでPirate Chainを購入する

Pirate Chainは、Coinbase Walletで取引できます。Coinbase Walletは、暗号資産の世界を開けるための鍵です。








2.0億 ARRR












What is Pirate Chain?

Pirate Chain (ARRR) is a digital asset that seeks to prioritize user privacy and security. Unlike many other digital assets that provide optional privacy features, Pirate Chain aims to ensure 100% private transactions. It employs zk-SNARKs, a form of zero-knowledge cryptography, to shield all peer-to-peer transactions on the blockchain, thereby creating a highly anonymous and private transaction environment. Pirate Chain is an independent blockchain that is protected against 51% attacks by the delayed Proof of Work (dPoW) mechanism, further enhancing its security features.

How does Pirate Chain work?

Pirate Chain operates by utilizing the power of zk-SNARKs technology to maintain the privacy of transactions. This technology enables the network to validate transactions without disclosing any information about them, thereby preserving user privacy. In addition, Pirate Chain uses the delayed Proof of Work (dPoW) mechanism from Komodo, which adds an extra layer of security. This mechanism notarizes the blocks of Pirate Chain onto both Komodo and Bitcoin blockchains, making it exceedingly difficult for malicious actors to launch a successful attack on the network.

What are the potential use cases for Pirate Chain?

Pirate Chain strives to provide a platform for highly secure and private transactions, making it a potential choice for individuals and businesses that value privacy and security in their financial transactions. Its use of zk-SNARKs technology to shield transactions could make it a preferred option for those seeking to maintain their financial privacy. Moreover, Pirate Chain's support for the TOR network enhances its potential for use in environments where internet censorship or surveillance is a concern. The asset also has potential use cases in e-commerce, as it provides a variety of tools for integration into online stores.

What is the history of Pirate Chain?

Pirate Chain was launched on August 29, 2018, by a group of developers from the Komodo community. These developers aimed to create an independent asset chain that leveraged the technology offered by the Komodo Platform. Pirate Chain combines the delayed Proof of Work (dPoW) from Komodo, zero-knowledge proof (zk-SNARKs) transactions from ZCash, and the rule of enforced private-only transactions by Monero. The project was launched with a fair launch policy, meaning there was no Initial Coin Offering (ICO), no premine, and no developer fees.


Coinbase Bytes

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Pirate Chainは今週上昇しています。

Pirate Chainの価格は過去7日間で4.44%上昇しました。 過去24時間で価格が3.13%下落しました。 直近のわずか1時間で価格が0.86%上昇しました。 現在の価格は1ARRR当たり$0.21です。 Pirate Chainは過去最高値の$16.90を98.78%下回っています。



Pirate Chainの現在の価格は?

Pirate ChainをUSD建てにリアルタイムで更新しています。CoinbaseでPirate Chainのライブ価格を取得しましょう。

Pirate Chainの時価総額は?

Pirate Chainの現在の時価総額は$4029.01万となっています。時価総額の大きい銘柄は、市場で高い評価を受けていることを意味します。

Pirate Chainの過去最高値は?

Pirate Chainの過去最高値は$16.90となっています。この過去最高値とは、Pirate Chainのローンチ以来で最も高い価格のことを指しています。

Pirate Chainの24時間の取引量は?

Pirate Chainの過去24時間の取引量は$4.74万となっています。

Pirate Chainに似た銘柄には他に何がありますか?

Pirate Chainと同等の時価総額を持つ銘柄として、PlatON, Reef, Clash of Lilliputなどが挙げられます。一覧については、銘柄の時価総額比較をご覧ください。

Pirate Chainの流通量はどの程度ありますか?

Pirate Chainの現在の流通供給量は2億となっています。

CoinbaseでPirate Chainを購入できますか?

はい。Pirate Chainは現在、Coinbase Walletで取り扱っています。詳細な手順については、「Pirate Chainの購入方法」ガイドをご覧ください。

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