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Guild of Guardiansは今週上昇しています。

Guild of Guardiansの価格は過去7日間で5.37%上昇しました。 過去24時間で価格が3.53%上昇しました。 直近のわずか1時間で価格が3.63%上昇しました。 現在の価格は1GOG当たり$0.0617です。 Guild of Guardiansは過去最高値の$2.80を97.80%下回っています。



What Is Guild of Guardians (GOG)?

Guild of Guardians is a fun-filled, multiplayer, action role-playing game where players build their team of Guardians and complete in a guild to earn rewards for their contribution. The Guild of Guardians game is based on a play-to-earn model where players can turn their passion for gaming into valuable assets and rewards. Players can enjoy the game while earning and trading as part of a big community. Skill and strategy are the main elements of the Guild of Guardians game.

As per its whitepaper, Guild of Guardians is based on the Ethereum network. The in-game assets are ERC-721 non-fungible tokens that are the fantasy characters of the games with a set of properties. ERC721 is a standard for representing ownership of non-fungible tokens(NFTs). Players can own these NFTs for real value and trade these NFTs in the marketplace. Players can also create NFT items using their imaginations. These NFTs are issued an Immutable X, a protocol for trading Ethereum NFTs. The platform offers zero gas fees for peer-to-peer trading. A Gas fee is the fee users pay to perform any function on the Ethereum blockchain.

GOG (Guild of Guardians) is the native utility token of the mobile gaming platform and serves as an in-game currency. GOG is an ERC20 token. Players need to spend GOG for each action, like minting a new asset to the blockchain or making a sale or purchase of the NFTs. The token is also used for governance and voting on the platform. GOG holders are allowed to vote on the platform's significant decisions.

The tokens spent to mint and trade assets are added back to the Rewards Pool. Users get rewards by actively taking part in staking and voting. The rewards are distributed to each user in proportion to the number of tokens staked. Guild of Guardians is a non-custodial platform, and players are allowed to keep their private keys.

History of Guild of Guardians (GOG)

Guild of Guardians was developed by a renowned mobile games development studio Stepico Games, and published by Immutable, a blockchain company. The project currently has over twenty dedicated people who continuously strive to make the game a success.

The maximum supply of GOG is 1,000,000,000 tokens.







Coinbase上の全銘柄のうち、時価総額で見てGuild of Guardiansに最も近いのはこの12銘柄です。

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Guild of Guardiansの現在の価格は?

Guild of GuardiansをUSD建てにリアルタイムで更新しています。CoinbaseでGuild of Guardiansのライブ価格を取得しましょう。

Guild of Guardiansの時価総額は?

Guild of Guardiansの現在の時価総額は$2653.29万となっています。時価総額の大きい銘柄は、市場で高い評価を受けていることを意味します。

Guild of Guardiansの過去最高値は?

Guild of Guardiansの過去最高値は$2.80となっています。この過去最高値とは、Guild of Guardiansのローンチ以来で最も高い価格のことを指しています。

Guild of Guardiansの24時間の取引量は?

Guild of Guardiansの過去24時間の取引量は$15.23万となっています。

Guild of Guardiansに似た銘柄には他に何がありますか?

Guild of Guardiansと同等の時価総額を持つ銘柄として、MonaCoin, Oraichain Token, Akropolisなどが挙げられます。一覧については、銘柄の時価総額比較をご覧ください。

Guild of Guardiansの流通量はどの程度ありますか?

Guild of Guardiansの現在の流通供給量は4.3億となっています。

CoinbaseでGuild of Guardiansを購入できますか?

はい。 Guild of Guardians は現在、CoinbaseのWeb3ウォレットで取り扱っています。詳細な手順については、「Guild of Guardiansの購入方法」ガイドをご覧ください。