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Coinbase Institutional Weekly Market Call (May 23)

Hosted by

Ben Floyd - Head of Execution Services

Guest Speakers

John D'Agostino - Senior Advisor to Coinbase

David Duong - Head of Institutional Research

Greg Sutton - Senior CES Sales Trader

Joshua Pak - CES Sales Trader

At a glance

In this week’s podcast, we host John D’agostino, a senior advisor to Coinbase and Chairman of US Asset Management Committee for the Department for International Trade. He has also held board positions on a number well known traditional and crypto hedge funds, and is the subject of the book “Rigged, the True Story of an Ivy League Kid who Changed the World of Oil,” which chronicles his journey helping set up the Dubai Mercantile Exchange. On the call he shares his experiences and key takeaways from the AIMA conference in NY and his recent trips to the UAE, both highly relevant and timely topics.

In normal programming, Josh provides a market update, discussing notable events such as the missed DCG payment and highlighting standout performers in the past week. David dives into the macro landscape, with a focus on the escalating debt ceiling situation and its potential implications for digital assets.

Greg sheds light on recent happenings in the exchange and institutional trading desk space, providing valuable insights into the dynamics and trends as well as a couple of observations on how to traders are positioned in a low volatility environment.


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