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Decoding crypto trends

Hosted by

Ben Floyd, Head of Execution Services

Guest Speakers

  • Anjan Vinod, Vice President at Parafi
  • Georg Toropov, Senior CES Sales Trader
  • David Duong, Head of Institutional Research

Key takeaways

In this week's episode of our podcast, we're joined by special guest Anjan Vinod, Vice President at Parafi, one of the oldest crypto funds, who brings a wealth of expertise in the evolving landscape of digital assets. Anjan dives into the intricate trade-offs between modular and monolithic blockchain structures, discussing how these choices impact the ecosystem. He also sheds light on the burgeoning growth in Real World Assets within the crypto space, along with insights into the DEPIN..

Anjan further explores the evolving landscape of stablecoins, dissecting their product-market fit and potential future trajectories. The discussion also veers into the realm of prediction markets, examining their past, current status and future prospects.

Georg then takes us through a comprehensive market update. He analyzes the current dynamics of BTC and ETH dominance versus altcoins, highlighting significant capital rotations into altcoins with STX as a prime example. Georg also discusses Celestia’s performance, attributing its success to the rising popularity of modular chains.

Finally, David provides an overview of the upcoming macroeconomic data and its potential impact on the crypto market, pinpointing specific crypto-related elements that warrant close attention.

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