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'Tis the season of (crypto) giving

The future of gifting is here

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The gift that keeps gifting

Cash gifts are out. Crypto gifts are in.

A present for the future

A crypto gift has the potential to increase in value over time (it also has the potential to decrease in value).

Perfectly packaged

Your gift is delivered in a digital card with your choice of crypto-forward, NFT-inspired art by an up-and-coming artist. Note: not NFTs, just digital replicas!

Also, educational

Help friends and family learn crypto. With their gift, they can begin trading, HODLing, and using crypto.

All in the app

Send, sign, and personalize your gift from the Coinbase app

Select the lucky recipient

All you need is their email address. No need for your recipient to have a Coinbase account-- we’ll help them sign up after you send the gift.

Pick which crypto

Choose an asset like Bitcoin or Ethereum and the amount. You won’t be charged any fees to send your gift.

Choose your card

Pick a digital card featuring a piece of art from an up-and-coming artist, and write a personalized note.

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A card that’s also art

All crypto gifts are delivered in a digital card featuring a piece of unique art from up-and-coming, crypto-forward artists

"Andrius" by Magdiel Lopez

Born in Havana Cuba, Magdiel Lopez spent his childhood inspired by the colorful culture. Lopez's upbringing played an integral part in forming his sense of style, art and design, which can be seen in his works today.

"Robot Invasion" by David Krovblit

David Krovblit is a Canadian visual artist who now lives in California. He curates images that he considers lost in time - layering them to form whimsical collages rooted in pop culture.

Bored Ape Yacht Club #1644

An iconic collection of NFTs. Each Bored Ape is unique and programmatically generated from over 170 possible traits, including expression, fashion accessories, clothing, and more. Note: Your recipient will not receive an NFT, just a digital replica!

"Snow Days" by Rob Flowers

Rob Flowers is a UK based artist with humor at the heart of his work. It has been described as "trippy.... as if you ate too much candy floss and went on the waltzers at your town's local fair."