Getting started with Coinbase Wallet

Learn the basics of crypto wallets, the tools to keep your crypto safe, and the first steps you’ll need to get started with Coinbase Wallet.

Adding crypto to your Coinbase Wallet

To start exploring the world of crypto with your self-custody wallet, you'll first need some crypto. In this video, we’ll walk through how you can buy, add and transfer crypto to your Coinbase Wallet.

How to access dapps with Coinbase Wallet

If you have crypto in your Wallet, you may be asking, “what can I do with it?” In this video, we’ll scratch the surface of what’s possible and cover how to trade tokens on decentralized exchanges, buy your first NFT, and access DeFi protocols to earn yield.

Network fees, Ethereum, and Layer 2s

As cryptocurrencies surge in popularity, their decentralized networks can get congested, leading to higher fees and longer transaction times. In this video, we’ll go over how network fees work, introduce some of the ways that networks are addressing these scaling challenges, and introduce the concept of Layer 2 networks and how they can help you save time and money.

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