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Estadísticas de mercado

Capitalización de mercado

33,0 MUS$

Volumen (24 h)

2,1 MUS$

Suministro circulante


Récord histórico

368,26 US$

Cambio de precio (1 h)

+0,45 %

Cambio de precio (24 h)

-0,69 %

Cambio de precio (7 d)

-2,21 %

Acerca de Cream Finance

What is Cream Finance?

Cream Finance, also known as C.R.E.A.M., is a decentralized finance (DeFi) lending protocol that aims to provide financial services to individuals, institutions, and other protocols. It is a part of the ecosystem and operates as a permissionless, open-source, and blockchain-agnostic protocol. Cream Finance is accessible to users on various networks including Ethereum, a major smart chain, Polygon, and Fantom. The protocol allows users to deposit assets such as Ether or wBTC to receive compensation, akin to a traditional savings account. The CREAM token, integral to the protocol, enables users to lend, borrow, stake assets, and participate in the governance of the network.

How does Cream Finance work?

Cream Finance operates by providing liquidity to crucial DeFi assets through automated market making (AMM). This allows users to borrow and lend supported assets and receive liquidity mining compensation in the form of its CREAM token by supplying any supported asset as collateral. The platform collects swap, lending, and borrowing fees from users in return. As an ERC20 token on the Ethereum network, CREAM can run Ethereum Virtual Machines through smart contracts, enabling users to create Decentralized Autonomous Organizations (DAOs) for its community. This results in better composability, i.e., the ability to plug different financial services into each other.

What are the potential use cases for Cream Finance?

Cream Finance seeks to serve a variety of use cases in the DeFi sector. It aims to list and support tokens that are important to the DeFi sector, including major stablecoins (USDT, USDC, BUSD, yCRV, etc), governance tokens (COMP, BAL, YFI, LEND, CRV, CREAM etc.), and other leading cryptocurrencies such as ETH, renBTC, and LINK. Users can stake CREAM tokens for a period of up to four years to receive compensation. However, it's important to note that compensation is only given at the end of the staking period.

What is the history of Cream Finance?

Cream Finance was launched unexpectedly on the Ethereum network on August 3, 2020, through the YOLO liquidity pool. In September 2020, it became operational on a major smart chain. The protocol was created as a fork of Compound Finance. The project, whose name stands for Crypto Runs Everything Around Me, was initiated by Taiwanese entrepreneur Jeffrey Huang. Huang, who also founded Mithril (MITH), a platform based on the Ethereum network, labeled himself as the “semi-benevolent dictator of CREAM” upon launch. The CREAM token has a total supply of 9 million coins, with around 150,000 currently in circulation. This number will increase as more tokens are released monthly to stakeholders and those who process transactions.


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Calculadora de Cream Finance

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El precio de Cream Finance está en baja esta semana.

El precio de Cream Finance cayó un 2,21 % en los últimos 7 días. El precio se redujo un 0,69 % en las últimas 24 horas. En la última hora, el precio creció un 0,45 %. El precio actual es 17,85 US$ por CREAM. Cream Finance está un 95,15 % por debajo del máximo histórico de 368,26 US$.

La oferta circulante actual es de 1.855.659 CREAM.

Preguntas frecuentes

¿Cuál es el precio actual de Cream Finance?

Actualizamos nuestro Cream Finance a la moneda USD en tiempo real. Consulta el precio de Cream Finance en tiempo real en Coinbase.

¿Cuál es la capitalización de mercado de Cream Finance?

La capitalización de mercado actual de Cream Finance es 33,02 MUS$. Una capitalización de mercado alta implica que el activo es muy valorado por el mercado.

¿Cuál es el máximo histórico de Cream Finance?

El máximo histórico de Cream Finance es 368,26 US$. Este máximo histórico es el precio más alto pagado por Cream Finance desde su lanzamiento.

¿Cuál es el volumen de operaciones de 24 horas de Cream Finance?

Durante las últimas 24 horas, el volumen de operaciones de Cream Finance es de 2,14 MUS$.

¿Qué otros activos son similares a Cream Finance ?

Los activos que tienen una capitalización de mercado similar a Cream Finance incluyen Locus Chain, Fei USD, ZEON y muchos otros. Para ver una lista completa, consulte nuestros activos de capitalización de mercado comparables.

¿Cuántos Cream Finance existen?

La oferta circulante actual de Cream Finance es de 1,9 millones.

¿Puedo comprar Cream Finance en Coinbase?

Sí, actualmente Cream Finance está disponible en la billetera de Coinbase. Para obtener instrucciones más detalladas, revisa nuestra guía útil Cómo comprar Cream Finance.

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