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APYs are indicative and not guaranteed and may vary over time. Learn more about APY calculations

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APYs are indicative and not guaranteed and may vary over time. Learn more about APY calculations

Past performance is not a reliable indicator of future results. Learn more about asset risks

This data was sourced in real-time from Coinbase and other third party market vendors. Real-time data may encounter temporary delays due to system performance or downtime.

The rewards rate is based on the estimated protocol rate, which is subject to change. Customers will be able to see the latest applicable rates directly within their accounts. Enrollment in staking is available only in eligible jurisdictions and for eligible networks. Any rewards earned in unstaked form will be automatically restaked. You can request to unstake anytime, but you will not be able to sell or send your staked assets until the unstaking process is complete. This could take from a few minutes to several weeks, depending on the asset.

Put your crypto to work

We'll help you put your assets to work in the cryptoeconomy so you can grow your crypto holdings with little effort.

It's easy

Start earning with a couple of clicks. You can earn on as little as £1. Learn more about how staking works at our help center, and educate yourself on protocol related risks.

Security first

We take measures to mitigate risks and allow you to opt-out anytime. Some protocols may require you to wait until unstaking is complete to transfer or sell your assets.¹

It’s all in one place

View, manage, and discover assets that earn rewards all from the Earn center. You can choose from multiple assets.

¹ If enabled, you will begin earning rewards once you purchase the minimum balance of the asset. You can request to unstake anytime, no lock up periods imposed by Coinbase. But you may have to wait until the unstaking process is completed by the network before you can transfer or sell your asset. For more information, see the help center.

Frequently asked questions

How does staking work?

Staking is a method of verifying and securing transactions on proof of stake blockchains. It’s faster and more energy efficient than other methods such as proof of work. Plus, participants get rewarded for helping in the process. In exchange for delegating  your crypto, you get rewarded with more assets from the network.

To generate staking rewards on a Proof of Stake blockchain, a node has to designate a certain amount of tokens on the network as a stake (similar to a security deposit). The chance of that node being chosen to validate the next block is typically proportional to the number of tokens being staked. If the node successfully validates a block, it is awarded the staking reward, similar to a miner being rewarded in Proof of Work chains. Validators lose part of their stake if they approve a fraudulent transaction — this incentivizes them to only approve valid transactions.

Which Proof of Stake asset(s) earn staking rewards?

Visit our help center to see which assets earn staking rewards on Coinbase.

Who is eligible to stake on Coinbase?

To stake on Coinbase, you must have your identity verified with a valid TIN on file, and reside in a location where staking is allowed. Visit our help center page to learn more about eligibility.

How does ETH staking work?

ETH staking, like other staking, allows you to delegate your ETH to help secure the blockchain and earn rewards in return. To learn more see this help center page.

What are the risks associated with staking?

Staking requires assets to be locked on the protocol in order to earn rewards. During this time you won't be able to trade or transfer your assets. The lock up periods are defined by protocols (like Ethereum or Solana) and can range from a few hours to a few days depending on the asset. You will need to unstake your assets prior to selling or sending. Find the estimated unstaking periods for supported assets on our help page.

Another risk is the possible slashing of staked assets or rewards. Although it’s unlikely, there is a possibility you could lose your staked assets or rewards in case of a network or validator failure. We’ve taken measures to reduce these risks, but some events are outside our control.

One last thing to note is that the rewards earned by staking are not reflective of the asset price. The staking APY is independent from the asset price which is set by the market.

How do I transfer my crypto to Coinbase to earn rewards?

Eligible customers can earn rewards on any eligible assets they hold on Coinbase, regardless of where they purchase it. You can send assets from an external wallet to your Coinbase account with no Coinbase fees by following these instructions. You can also turn off staking at any time by going to your settings page.

Is there a fee associated with these services?

We take a commission on all rewards received, and the rewards rate for our customers reflects this commission. You can find our current commission fee in help center.

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