Coinbase Derivatives has successfully launched Bitcoin Cash and Litecoin futures contracts as it gears up to launch Dogecoin futures later this month


  • Coinbase Derivatives has become the first CFTC-regulated exchange to offer margined Bitcoin Cash and Litecoin futures contracts, which launched earlier this month and are performing well. 

  • Bitcoin Cash and Litecoin contracts launched on April 1, with Dogecoin futures launching later this month.

  • These contracts will be available for trading via our broker and FCM partners.

By Boris Ilyevsky


, April 11, 2024

, 3 min read time

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Coinbase Derivatives' primary goal in launching new crypto futures contracts is to create markets that offer retail traders diversification, price discovery, risk management, and margin. Since launching our futures contracts for Bitcoin Cash (BCH) and Litecoin (LTC), we have seen deeper and tighter markets, and we are excited for our broker partners and FCMs to unlock access in the coming weeks. 

Consistent with our overall futures strategy, these contracts will significantly improve access to digital asset trading, allowing traders to participate in the crypto market with reduced upfront capital requirements and, more importantly, within a regulated framework.

These contracts, sized at 1 BCH, 5 LTC, and 5000 DOGE, aim to offer enhanced trading opportunities in the crypto market, fostering a more inclusive and dynamic trading environment. Introducing additional futures contracts empowers retail traders to capitalize on price movements and hedge their existing holdings, catering to seasoned investors and retail enthusiasts alike.

Unprecedented Accessibility

Coinbase Derivatives has witnessed consistent trading activity in its nano Bitcoin (BIT) and Ethereum (ET) contracts, with over *$5bn in notional traded YTD. 

Responding to the growing retail demand, we've expanded our futures contracts to include more digital assets, meeting the needs of our expanding network of traders.

As the first CFTC-regulated futures exchange offering margined futures contracts for Bitcoin Cash, Dogecoin, and Litecoin, Coinbase Derivatives remains committed to upholding the highest standards of integrity and transparency. By adhering to stringent regulatory requirements and collaborating with leading third-party FCMs and retail brokers, we provide retail customers with a safe and secure platform for trading derivatives of digital assets.

Establishing these markets ensures critical price discovery for additional crypto assets, furthering our goal to bridge the gap between traditional finance and digital assets. We eagerly anticipate the maturation of these contracts and the liquidity they will bring to retail and institutional investors in the regulated market.

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