Build the next big Terra project with Query & Transact

January 26, 2022

Coinbase Cloud is offering read/write infrastructure at an exclusive, flexible rate for the Terra community

Terra, a Tendermint‐based Layer‐1 protocol that establishes an innovative set of primitives for transacting online in an internet‐native way, has become a flourishing developer ecosystem. The protocol’s market cap has grown by a factor of more than 40 over the past year and developer activity on its network is seeing tremendous growth. 

Co‐founder Do Kwon stated in November 2021 that more than 160 projects are planning to launch on Terra by early 2022. The entire Terra network is now fully interoperable with Tendermint networks via the Inter‐Blockchain Communication protocol, paving the way for the discovery of exciting new use cases.

As more and more developers build on Terra, the need for read-write access to the Terra blockchain through a private remote procedure call (RPC) endpoint becomes mission‐critical for a project’s success. By operating their own private node and RPC endpoints, projects serving thousands of users and undertaking large request volumes can maintain uninterrupted service.

Spend more time on your project, less on managing infrastructure

Running nodes can be an expensive, time‐consuming process, requiring strong protocol expertise, staying up‐to‐date with the latest network changes, and scaling infrastructure to manage potential changes in throughput requirements. With Coinbase Cloud, you don’t need to worry about running and maintaining core infrastructure — so you can solely focus on what matters most: growing and scaling your project.

Our dedicated node infrastructure is offered at an exclusive, flexible rate to support the Terra developer community as it transitions away from using public endpoints.

Sign up to use Query & Transact, and continue to build and scale your project seamlessly and without interruptions.

Query & Transact offers:

  • Private and dedicated nodes  Your nodes are private and dedicated, with single tenancy.

  • No rate limiting  You will be able to access nodes without rate limits, making it easier to manage your infrastructure even if you experience changes in throughput.

  • An easy‐to‐use platform  Coinbase Cloud makes building on blockchains simpler. You can manage infrastructure and monitor the performance of your nodes from a single dashboard.

  • Uptime and multi‐cloud, multi‐region resiliency  High‐performance node clusters offer 99.9% uptime and are built on multiple geographic regions and cloud providers to withstand failover events, enabling you to build on Terra with confidence.

Terra Query & Transact infrastructure draws on Coinbase Cloud’s expertise in running secure, cloud‐based blockchain infrastructure and knowledge of the Terra ecosystem. We have a close working relationship with the Terraform Labs team, and have many years of experience in running and maintaining infrastructure on most major Tendermint protocols. Our deep technical knowledge enables us to deploy and share best practices.

"Terra’s focus is on creating the most feature-rich stablecoin, and all of the Terra projects (Anchor, Chai, Mirror and more) that support this goal have created a robust developer ecosystem. With Columbus-5 launching and IBC enabled, Terra fully joins the Tendermint ecosystem with cross-chain interoperability. We’re proud to support the Terra developer community in this next stage of the protocol’s growth" — Aaron Henshaw, Head of Engineering at Coinbase Cloud

"Coinbase Cloud has worked closely with Terraform Labs and the Terra developer community over the past year, and we’re excited to continue our collaboration in this critical stage. We believe Coinbase Cloud offers the reliable infrastructure and Terra expertise that will empower Terra developers to continue building and scaling their projects." — Do Kwon, Co-Founder and CEO at Terraform Labs

How to get started with Query & Transact

You can spin up your node infrastructure in minutes from our easy‐to‐use dashboard. Once your nodes are spun up, you can connect to your node via a URL or RPC endpoint and access Terra’s native API. Our customer service team will support you to ensure you have a seamless onboarding experience.

Transition your Terra read/write infrastructure to Query & Transact now to continue scaling your project with high‐performance, reliable, secure infrastructure. Contact us to learn more.