10 Reasons for Developing on On-Chain

January 5, 2023

Blockchain has the potential to revolutionize the way we develop and use applications. As a decentralized and secure platform, blockchain offers numerous benefits for application developers, including increased security, improved transparency, enhanced trust, and greater efficiency. Coinbase Cloud brings web3 developers all the proven infrastructure they need to create, test, secure, deploy, scale, and monetize their dapps. 

By leveraging the power of blockchain with Coinbase Cloud’s full stack resources, developers can create applications that are more secure, transparent, and efficient, and that offer users greater ownership and control over their data and assets. Some of the key reasons for the transition from centralized web2 apps to the decentralized apps (dapps) include:

10 Reasons for Developing On-Chain

  1. Increased security: Blockchain technology offers a highly secure platform for developing applications, thanks to its decentralized and encrypted nature. Coinbase Cloud has spent over a decade developing state of the art security for protecting dapps and payment gateways.

  2. Improved transparency: With blockchain, all data and transactions are recorded on a transparent and immutable ledger, making it easy to track and verify information.

  3. Enhanced trust: Because of its decentralized and secure nature, blockchain can help to build trust between users and developers, improving the overall user experience.

  4. Greater efficiency: Blockchain technology can streamline processes and reduce the need for intermediaries, making it faster and more efficient to develop and use applications.

  5. Enhanced ownership and control: With blockchain, users can have full ownership and control over their data and assets, giving them more control over their online experiences. Coinbase Wallet SDK helps developers move assets, including Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) easily in and out of apps like games with robust security.

  6. New business opportunities: The use of blockchain in application development opens up new opportunities for monetization, such as the ability to easily implement in-app purchases and transactions.

  7. Improved interoperability: Because blockchain is an open and decentralized platform, it is easier to integrate with other systems and technologies, improving interoperability.

  8. Enhanced data privacy: Blockchain technology allows for the implementation of advanced privacy controls, giving users greater control over their personal data.

  9. Increased scalability: With blockchain, it is possible to easily and securely scale applications to support more users and handle larger amounts of data.

  10. Greater longevity: Because blockchain is a decentralized platform, applications built on blockchain are more resilient and have the potential for longer-term viability.

Matching the inherent advantages offered by web3 with the Coinbase Cloud Node, Pay SDK and Wallet SDK gives developers an easy path to creating games, tools, and experiences that will bring web3 to the lives of millions of new users.