Stake, build, and analyze trends faster with Data Indexers

Query blockchain data efficiently, unlock the insights you need, and save development time.

High throughput and low latency access to blockchain data

Build faster

Save your engineering teams from having to build and maintain proprietary Indexers in-house, and help reduce development timelines.

Optimize staking in Substrate networks

Efficiently distribute your stake across multiple validators, and track performance and rewards with our dashboards and custom reporting.

Save requests to your node

Access structured and queryable data with fewer requests. You may save anywhere from 50 to upward of a 1000 requests to the node with the Polkadot Indexer.

Trust in enterprise-grade security

Coinbase Cloud builds with a security-first mindset so that your data remains protected.

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How to use Data Indexers

Wallets, exchanges, custodians, staking-as-a-service providers, and professional validators can use Data Indexers to share transactions and balance information with their customers.

Data aggregators and blockchain analytics firms can use Data Indexers to gather data around significant events and get a better understanding of underlying causes (ultimately improving governance for the protocol).

Developers building applications can access blockchain data with unprecedented speed to build their applications faster.

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Protocols Supported

Eliminate the need to build bespoke indexing solutions. Analyze and develop faster.




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