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Join us on our mission to increase economic freedom worldwide. We are hiring now in the US, Canada, Brazil, Japan, the UK, and Singapore. Even more countries are coming soon.

Build for Everyone

Coinbase is an entry point into crypto for millions of people worldwide. Every product we build should have all the features our users want – and be intuitive for crypto novices and experts alike.

Crypto First

Everything we build is created from a crypto-first mindset. We urge our employees to lean into decentralized design and protocols – and we make community grants and build open- source software to move the crypto ecosystem forward.

Think Scale

Building for a global audience means building for scale. We do whatever it takes to make our products super-robust and flexible, so that billions of future users can claim their place in the growing world of crypto.

Trusted and Safe

Trust and security are the heart of Coinbase. Every product we build is carefully designed to keep our users’ finances secure and to help them avoid critical security risks and errors. We are the most secure and compliant crypto company in the world.

Lead with Innovation

We innovate at the speed of crypto. We urge our employees to think on their feet and take creative risks as we seek the next moonshot idea to benefit our users.

For Individuals

Help people buy, sell, and spend crypto.


The best self-hosted crypto wallet


Spend crypto, earn crypto rewards


Learn and earn crypto

For Businesses

Build crypto solutions for institutional investors, family offices, and companies.
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The prime brokerage platform

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Accept crypto from anyone

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Direct access to our exchange

For Developers

Create tools and APIs for crypto-friendly creators.


Enable users to buy, sell, and store crypto

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Accept crypto from anyone


Programmatically manage crypto

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