Come build the future of cryptography in cryptocurrencies

To all the builders, crypto enthusiasts, and those who want to create a better, more open financial system: 

We want to work with you.

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Role and Impact: 

As a cryptographer at Coinbase you will help deliver bleeding-edge cryptography into production to power the next evolution of Crypto.

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Projects / Type of Work: 

  • We’re leading the way to “Threshold all of Crypto” by productionizing the latest threshold signing algorithms for our cryptocurrency wallets. 

  • We’re developing the primitives and services to realize the future of decentralized identity and the building blocks of a new identity ecosystem.

  • Build privacy-enhancing crypto systems.

Manish Gupta

EVP of Engineering

Manish Gupta

At Coinbase, you’ll be working on the foundational technologies that will eventually store $1T+ for tens of millions of users and institutions. We believe that new cryptographic primitives and protocols are necessary to provide our clients both secured long-term storage of assets and easy access to participate in the growing crypto-economy. We’re looking for people who are excited to have one foot in academia, and the other in production systems that will enable Coinbase to build an open financial system.


What type of applied cryptographers are you looking for?

We’re looking for cryptographers motivated to productionize cryptography services at scale. These are people that like to read and build things from academic cryptography papers.

Which cryptography expertise should I have?

We’re looking for people who have depth in at least one area of advanced cryptography, e.g.: homomorphic encryption, post-quantum cryptography, multi- or threshold-signature schemes, zero knowledge proof systems, anonymous credentials, cryptographic accumulators, verifiable encryption.

Will I be able to work on original research?

We read, understand, and synthesize original research in the service of designing or improving Coinbase products. Our R&D strategy is “small research, big Development”. We maintain active relationships with academic researchers: they research; we deliver highly-scalable, production implementations.

Are we able to contribute open source projects?

We’re committed to making sustained contributions to Coinbase Open Source projects

What technologies do you use?

Go-lang for cryptography libraries.  Go + GRPC + Protobuf for our services. (*Prior knowledge of Go is not required)

Come lead the crypto revolution with us