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To all the crypto product thinkers, builders, enthusiasts, and those who want to create a better, more open financial system: We want to work with you.

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Role and Impact: 

As a Product Manager on the Crypto team, you influence the future of finance and help onboard billions of users to crypto. You will work with brilliant crypto product thinkers with a wide range of interests, and be one of the pioneers ensuring the long term success of the crypto industry.

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Projects / Type of Work: 

Build the core APIs, products, and platforms that power the decentralized economy. Define and execute on Coinbase’s strategy for NFTs, decentralized identity protocols, on-chain insurance, privacy, scalability, and developer APIs.

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Chief Product Officer

Surojit Chatterjee

At Coinbase, our mission is to deliver crypto and its promise of an open financial system to billions of users, while setting the standard for ease of use, innovation, and security. To get us there, we need brilliant crypto product thinkers who can lead us into new markets like DeFi, non-fungible tokens, and identity.  Our Crypto PMs will attack some of the hardest problems in crypto: scalability, privacy, providing safe access to DeFi, and more.  Come to Coinbase to design new protocols, help the industry scale, and connect the state of the art in crypto to billions of users.


Do I need to have a background in blockchains and cryptocurrencies to join the team?

While you don’t need formal work experience in the industry, we do prefer candidates who bring unique insights and knowledge on how Coinbase can help grow the cryptoeconomy.

What we especially look for is passion about crypto, detailed perspectives on one part of the crypto ecosystem (e.g., decentralized lending, layer 1, NFTs).

What type of product managers are you looking for? 

We are looking for product-minded people, who can help deliver innovations in crypto to billions of users.  Ideally, you have had some product experience before as a product manager or entrepreneur or early stage engineer, but this is not required.

How big is the team?

Our team is currently 6 PMs and rapidly growing. Each PM is matched with an EM and 8-10 Engineers

Do I need a computer science or technical background for this role?

A technical background is not a requirement for the role, but it’s a nice to have.

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