Crypto Innovators Wanted

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Role and Impact: 

As a crypto engineer, you will be building crypto applications and protocols that bring Coinbase to the forefront of crypto innovations and contribute to a better crypto community. By closely working with top crypto minds both in Coinbase and in the industry, you will shape the future of the open financial system.

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Projects / Type of Work: 

Scale crypto with L2, connect Coinbase users with DeFi protocols, native staking support, crypto asset tokenization, all types of crypto innovations

Manish Gupta

EVP of Engineering

Manish Gupta

At Coinbase, we're on a multi-decade journey to disrupt all of finance through technological innovation in crypto. To go on a journey of this scale, we need crypto innovators around us.  As a crypto engineer, you'll have the opportunity to work on cutting-edge crypto innovations that empower hundreds of millions of people around the world. In this process, you'll build life-long relationships with some of the most talented crypto people in Coinbase and in the industry.


What type of engineers are you looking for?

We are looking for crypto builders, inventors, pioneers and visionaries.

What’s the involvement with the crypto community?

We work closely with the crypto community to integrate and build protocols together. At the same time, we deeply care about the growth of the crypto community and contribute to open source.

 Is there space and autonomy for innovations?

Yes, we always want to foster innovation within the products we build and our team members are a huge part of this. Aside from freedom to propose ideas or build something during our company hackathons, we further plan to enable our team members to build products at the bleeding edge of crypto.

What technologies do you use? 

TypeScript + Solidity (for smart contract) and Golang (for backend services).

Come lead the crypto revolution with us