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Role and Impact: 

As an engineer on the Crypto team, you will be building the engine for all products at Coinbase. You will be learning from the top minds in the field and will be pushing yourself and the boundaries of the crypto industry to its limits.

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Projects / Type of Work: 

Build the Crypto platform that supports all products at Coinbase. Implement highly-available, distributed systems that support read and writes to the blockchains, create the infrastructure to enable Decentralized Finance and Staking, learn and integrate with different blockchain protocols, contribute to Coinbase Open Source projects such as Rosetta, and innovate in areas such as blockchain privacy and scalability.

Manish Gupta

EVP of Engineering

Manish Gupta

At Coinbase, we're on a multi-decade journey to disrupt all of finance through technological innovation in crypto. To go on a journey of this scale, we need crypto innovators around us.  As a crypto engineer, you'll have the opportunity to work on cutting-edge crypto innovations that empower hundreds of millions of people around the world. In this process, you'll build life-long relationships with some of the most talented crypto people in Coinbase and in the industry.

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Crypto Backend Engineer: As a backend engineer on the Crypto team, you will be building the engine for all products at Coinbase. Apply Now

Crypto Applications Engineer: As a crypto applications engineer, you will be building crypto applications and protocols that bring Coinbase to the forefront of crypto innovations and contribute to a better crypto community. Apply Now

Cryptography: As a cryptographer,  you will help deliver bleeding-edge cryptography into production to power the next evolution of Crypto. Apply Now

Product Manager: As a product manager, you influence the future of finance and help onboard billions of users to crypto. You will work with the top engineering, product, and design minds to drive new crypto innovations and them help us deliver them to the world. Apply Now


Do I need to have a background in blockchains and cryptocurrencies to join the team?

No. We have a team of experts who will teach you all you need to know about crypto. You just need to bring your appetite for learning and be excited to work on systems that move billions of dollars.

What type of engineers are you looking for?

At this point we are only looking for experienced backend engineers with an appetite to build. 

How big is the group?

The Crypto group consists of multiple, smaller teams. We try to keep our team sizes to the size of 8-10

What technologies do you use?

Go, Ruby (legacy, phase out), Postgres, Redis, DynamoDB, Cadence, gRPC

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