Borrow cash using Bitcoin as collateral

Now you can borrow up to $1,000,0001 from Coinbase using your Bitcoin as collateral. Pay just 8.7% APR2 with no credit check.

We are no longer offering new loans.

Borrow customers will continue to maintain access to their loan history and dashboard.

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Why borrow cash?

Have you ever needed cash for something urgent, like medical bills or car repairs? In the past, you might have sold Bitcoin to cover it and incurred a taxable gain or loss3. Now you don't have to.

Avoid selling your Bitcoin

Selling Bitcoin can result in a taxable gain or loss3. Borrow from Coinbase to get cash without selling your Bitcoin.

No fees or credit checks

There are no fees or credit checks involved, just a low APR of 8.7%2.

Flexible repayment schedule

Pay off the balance on your line of credit on a schedule that works for you. Additional terms apply4

Get Cash Quickly

Your borrowed cash can be instantly deposited to PayPal or transferred via ACH to your bank account.

How it works

Choose what to borrow

You can borrow as much as 40% of the value of the Bitcoin in your account, up to $1,000,0001.

Get your cash

Using your bank account or PayPal, get access to your borrowed cash quickly with no fees.

Make monthly payments

Each month you only need to pay the interest due ($10 min). Pay off the balance when you’re ready. Additional terms apply4.

Your Bitcoin stays safe

The Bitcoin you use as collateral remains safely held by Coinbase. It’s not lent out or used for any other purpose.

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