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Support for Bitcoin payment URLs

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, February 28, 2014

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Coinbase can now be used as a handler for bitcoin payment URLs on the web. When you enable this feature, clicking a bitcoin payment URL will automatically open Coinbase and prefill the payment information for you. All you need to do is click send.

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Bitcoin payment URLs make the process of sending bitcoin online extremely easy. Instead of having to open a new window and copy and paste the bitcoin address and amount, you simply click a link and it’s done automatically.

Ease of use is especially important when sending payments to merchants during a checkout, like when making a purchase with bitcoin on Overstock or Fiverr. Using Coinbase as a bitcoin URL handler works seamlessly with checkout flows provided by Coinbase and any other payment processors using bitcoin payment links.

You can enable Coinbase as your bitcoin URL handler under Account Settings > Advanced in your Coinbase account. This feature currently works with Chrome and Firefox.

To see how you can create bitcoin payment URLs to easily receive bitcoin on the web, see the specification on Github.

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