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Product Update — Buy/Sell, Taxes and Account Statements

By Zach Abrams


, March 14, 2018

, 2 min read time

As always, thanks for all of your feedback. Below are a few exciting updates / changes.

Improving the buy and sell experience

We’ve simplified the buy / sell experience to make it easier to place new trades and manage your funds. Back in October, we rebuilt and redesigned much of the core Coinbase mobile experience. These changes are a continuation of that effort. With this update, we’ve removed all unnecessary actions from the trading flow, so everyone can focus on exactly what matters — how much you want to buy or sell.

Improving the buy and sell experience

These updates will be rolling out gradually for all iOS and Android customers over the coming week.

Tax Center is now live

Earlier this week, we announced the launch of our Tax Center. Our team is working hard to improve the entire investment experience — we know taxes are a pain point for many customers. We’ve designed these tools to make calculating and filing your crypto taxes more manageable. Our blog post includes details on how to use our tools and a few methods for calculating your gains and losses. As always, feedback is more than welcome — we’ll be making improvements throughout the year to ensure that calculating your 2019 taxes is easier than ever.

Tax Center is now live

Account Statements now available

Digital currency is becoming an increasingly important asset class for many of our customers. Over the last several months, we’ve received thousands of support requests from customers asking for account statements — folks have used these reports to qualify for mortgages or other loans, to validate net worth for investment purposes, and so much more.

So, we’re excited to announce that all customers can now generate their own account statements from within the Tools section of Simply navigate to Tools, click “New Report”, select “Account Statement” within type, and then customize as necessary. Hopefully these reports make your Coinbase investment experience a little bit simpler.

PayPal has been discontinued

As we mentioned last weekwe disabled PayPal entirely on Wednesday, March 7th. Our PayPal offering was not meeting customers’ expectations, so we decided to disable the functionality until we could overhaul the entire experience. Our goal is to re-add PayPal later this year.


Thanks for your continued support.

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