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New Year, New User Agreement

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, January 27, 2022

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Coinbase is proud to be one of the most trusted platforms in crypto, and we recognize that the best way to build trust with our customers is through transparency. That’s why we want to highlight some of the recent changes we made to our user agreement. We encourage you to carefully read the agreement in full before you accept, but here’s an overview of what’s changing:

  1. Easier to Understand: We’ve reorganized and modified our user agreement to make it more understandable to you and in line with our culture of clear communications.

  2. Clarity on Dispute Resolution: We’ve revised our arbitration agreement to streamline the process for resolving problems you may experience.

  3. Transparent Product Terms: We’ve consolidated the terms relating to many of our new products in a single appendix to make them easier to find.

  4. Restrictions on Use of Services: We’ve created a standalone policy to make it easier for you to understand how you may use our services.

  5. Response to Regulatory and Legal Changes: We’ve updated our tax language and some of our definitions to reflect that crypto and crypto law are always on the move!

 If you are a current Coinbase customer based in the U.S., you will be prompted to accept our updated terms and conditions when you log into your Coinbase Account soon after our new user agreement becomes effective next week. Every change we’ve made to our user agreement was done in the spirit of creating one of the best and safest crypto trading experiences for our customers.

Please visit our help center for further details.

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