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New Hampshire Voters Stand with Crypto

New Hampshire Voters Want a Better Financial Future, Starting with Crypto

By Coinbase


, December 8, 2023


TL;DR: The research is clear: New Hampshire voters care about improving our financial system and they believe crypto is part of the solution. In a state with a robust blockchain startup culture, local elected officials are already working to ensure New Hampshire is a leading jurisdiction for blockchain technologies through the recommendations of the Governor’s Commission on Cryptocurrencies and Digital Assets. Across demographics like age and political affiliation, Granite State crypto owners understand that these modern technologies can do things traditional finance can’t, and that crypto innovation can lead to new economic opportunities. Data shows that New Hampshire voters are using crypto, and are more likely to support presidential candidates who believe crypto is a key economic driver in 2024. Crypto voters want to hold their elected officials  at the federal, state, and local level accountable for their positions on crypto. Research highlights a real and growing pro-crypto voting bloc in New Hampshire:

  • New Hampshire adults (or 15% of Granite Staters) own digital assets, according to Morning Consult data.  

  • New Hampshire crypto owners represent the next generation of New Hampshire voters, with almost half (47%) ages 18-34, according to polling from Impact Research. That’s about 20% higher than the national average.

Crypto is on the ballot in New Hampshire. Two-thirds of crypto-owning Granite Staters already say they’re more likely to support candidates who understand that crypto is key to keeping jobs in America.

New Hampshire Voters Stand with Crypto

Coinbase recently worked with Impact Research to better understand registered voters who own crypto in New Hampshire, home of the key first-in-the-nation Presidential Primary. 

This new research shows Granite Staters agree it’s time to update the financial system. 88% of crypto owners in New Hampshire agree that the financial system needs to change, and 4 in 5 say that the global economic system currently in place unfairly favors powerful interests and harms their own ability to build wealth. This new data aligns with national polling results showing that the vast majority of Americans believe the financial system is due for a major update.

New Hampshire voters want this game-changing new industry to thrive. The state’s robust blockchain startup culture has been supported by local elected officials, including through the governor’s creation of a Commission on Cryptocurrencies and Digital Assets which recommended policies to ensure the state is a leading jurisdiction for blockchain technologies. Overwhelming majorities (75%) of New Hampshire crypto owners believe crypto and blockchain technology is an important tool of the future of finance, and (67%) say innovations using the technology can increase economic opportunities for American consumers in ways that traditional finance cannot.

New Hampshire crypto owners are standing with crypto and are prepared to make their voices heard at the ballot box. About 3 in 5 crypto owners (59%) in New Hampshire report paying attention to the policy and regulatory developments impacting the industry, and a majority agree that regulations for crypto either do not currently exist or are unclear.  

When it comes to supporting political candidates and policies, crypto owners favor forward-looking policymakers who will take action to address the economic and financial challenges Granite Staters face by enabling innovation that can improve their lives. According to the new data, 71% of New Hampshire crypto owners want to see policymakers supporting new, innovative, and disruptive technologies that are changing the world today. Almost half already want to know their candidate’s stance on crypto issues before voting. Two thirds are more likely to support candidates who think that supporting the U.S. cryptocurrency industry is crucial to keeping jobs of the future in America.

New Hampshire Crypto Owner Demographics

Crypto ownership among New Hampshire voters cuts across key demographics, such as partisanship and age. Approximately 37% of Granite State crypto owners identify as Democrats, and 37% as Republicans.

Crypto owners represent the next generation of New Hampshire voters, with almost half (47%) ages 18-34. Looking at the broader political landscape, previous polling from Morning Consult showed that, in 2020, 61% of national crypto owners voted for President Biden. 

Candidates who want to win in New Hampshire – in this cycle and beyond – need to be taking crypto voters seriously.


It’s Time to Update the System

New Hampshire policymakers should listen to their constituents’ calls to democratize an outdated financial system that isn’t serving them by embracing crypto and blockchain innovation. While much of the developed world advances crypto and blockchain innovation through fair, effective regulatory frameworks, a few key American policymakers are driving a regulation-by-enforcement approach that hinders American innovators and fails to protect consumers. 

Effective policies that create a strong regulatory framework for crypto oversight will serve to protect New Hampshire consumers, creators, and crypto owners. Clear rules of the road will empower Granite State entrepreneurs and innovators to pave the path forward for the next generation of financial technology in America, and open up access to new financial tools and resources that increase economic opportunity for everyone. Granite Staters are prepared to stand with crypto by supporting policymakers who are willing to ensure that the United States sets the standard for the next generation of the internet, so it can continue leading the world’s financial future.

At Coinbase, we’re working hard to help update the financial system by building trusted products that expand the utility and adoption of crypto. We are focused on creating a financial system that reflects the principles we embrace at Coinbase: economic freedom, individual empowerment, financial opportunity, innovation, rule of law, and safety and security. Coinbase was founded in the U.S. and became a public company in the U.S., because we believe our values align with those of the American people, and Americans want crypto. Importantly, we will continue to build in international markets, because many of them are moving forward with strategies to become “crypto hubs.” 

But America can’t fall asleep at the wheel. Congress and other policymakers should take note that crypto voters are engaged in their states and they want rules, not an unpredictable regulation-by-enforcement approach.


Source: New Hampshire Crypto Investors Polling. Research conducted by Impact Research on behalf of Coinbase (Q2’23). 

This data is based on a survey of registered voters, including 300 New Hampshire registered voter cryptocurrency owners and 128 US registered voter cryptocurrency owners, aged 18+, fielded in May/June 2023 by Impact Research on behalf of Coinbase. 

Additional sources of data include Morning Consult.

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