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My Permissionless presentation on how Coinbase is building for web3

TLDR: This week I presented our vision for building for web3 at the Permissionless conference by Blockworks. Sharing my full presentation here.

By Surojit Chatterjee


, May 19, 2022

, 2 min read time

Building for web3
What's next?
Product 3.0
Building for developers
Revolutionizing fiat-to-crypto onramps
Solving identify and KYC for web3
Solving identity and KYC for web3 - image 2
Rethinking Wallets
Easy access to the world of dapps w/new MPC wallet
Self-custody first
Coinbase wallet
Building the best multi-chain crypto wallet
Building the best NFT experience
Building the best developer experience
Refreshing the Coinbase Wallet mobile app
A new type of NFT marketplace
Building for web3
Supporting growth across the web3 ecosystem
It's only the beginning...

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Surojit Chatterjee

About Surojit Chatterjee

Surojit Chatterjee is the Chief Product Officer at Coinbase, where he is responsible for product management, product design, user research, and program management. Before Coinbase, Surojit was Vice President and Head of Product for Google Shopping. He also worked as Senior Vice President and Head of Product & Design at Flipkart, and was a founding member of Google's mobile search ads product. Surojit has an MBA from MIT, a B. Tech in Computer Science from IIT Kharagpur, and an MS in Computer Science from SUNY at Buffalo.