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Long Live Crypto

By Kate Rouch


, May 18, 2022

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Long Live Crypto

This week Coinbase celebrated a milestone of 10 years in business by doing what we do best — building! Just this week: Coinbase unveiled our web3 mobile dapp and DeFi wallet and browserannounced our Primer Commerce integration and introduced Coinbase Institute. CMO Kate Rouch explains how Coinbase used this milestone moment to shine a light on all those who remain focused on building the future.

COINBASE: The crypto market has taken a downturn. How is your team thinking about this?

Volatility is painful, and can be scary. Nobody likes to lose money in the short term — whether in crypto, or the stock market more broadly. That said, volatility is also natural for emerging technological breakthroughs like crypto. At Coinbase, we’re inspired by the long term view and the spirit of those who continue to keep innovating no matter the external environment.

COINBASE: Where does the confidence in a crypto “rebound” come from?

Coinbase was founded 10 years ago this week into a “crypto winter.” After founding, we quickly entered 3 wrenching downturn years. Being in crypto during this time was incredibly challenging and lonely. But Coinbase and the crypto economy more broadly emerged stronger for it. A lot of new and exciting projects, entrepreneurs, and communities formed during that time.

COINBASE: What do you think Coinbase has learned from past crypto winters?

Crypto has exited every winter stronger than it entered. This is true across all key metrics. Regardless of how long it lasts or how severe it gets, we believe this cycle will be no different. This is the opportunity for the defining companies of Web3 to emerge.

COINBASE: What should folks take away from this new spot?

Builders build, and have a long term view. That’s core to Coinbase’s DNA, and the attitude that will ultimately move us all forward. It’s easy to write an obituary. It’s hard to bring something new to life. We hope this ad inspires people who have been through these types of challenges before — whether in crypto or beyond — to share their wisdom, and inspiration. #buildersbuild

Zoom out. Keep shipping. And — long live crypto.


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