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Introducing portfolios on Coinbase Pro

Customers can now trade out of multiple sub-accounts on Coinbase Pro.

By Maggie Henry


, December 16, 2019

, 1 min read time

Introducing portfolios on Coinbase Pro

More trading

Portfolios allows traders to segregate trading strategies or operate multiple managed client accounts (if a fund of funds or asset manager). Volume-based pricing is calculated at the account level, so all your trading contributes to your 30-day volume.

Simple to use

Many traders want to try new strategies in production, rather than leveraging sandbox environments — portfolios offer an easy way to create a new and segregated environment for new types of trades. Creation and management of API keys is available in your account for every portfolio (existing API keys work for your default portfolio and functionality does not change with this launch). Transfers are instantaneous and free between Coinbase Pro portfolios.

Easier reporting

The feature makes reporting simple, with the option to report across portfolios or by portfolio. It also enables operational teams to more easily report on different strategies’ impact on fund performance.You can create and manage portfolios by visiting and clicking Portfolios.

More information on how portfolios work is available on the Coinbase Pro Support Center.

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